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Marco Polo tile renderings, how much is the price

by:JIABANG     2021-04-22

The brand of Marco Polo is still well-known in the decking tile industry, but friends who have never used it still don't know about it. The following editor will tell you what the price of Marco Polo tiles is.

What is the price of Marco Polo tiles?

1. Marco Polo tiles CZ8363AS core rock series are 125 yuan, and Marco Polo tiles CZ8363AS core rock is a deep layer of pure quality Stone, derived from rocks in the sedimentary rocks of the Andes Mountains in North America, appears on the earth's surface due to hundreds of millions of years of crustal activity. The vein rock is eroded by wind, sand and flowing water all the year round. Nature’s magical craftsmanship outlines the rock formations on the surface to the fullest, forming a colorful stone texture. Size: 800*800mm

2, Marco Polo tiles CZ8958AS Calacata series 168 yuan, origin Italy, is the top product in Italian white marble. The stone phase has a pure white background, and the gray thread with gold thread. The tone is soft and warm, just like a natural ink landscape painting, which fully expresses the texture of jade and brings high-grade decoration effect to the space. Size: 800*800mm

3. Marco Polo tiles CZ8902AS Sago series are 163 yuan, using all imported glazes, which are fully waterproof, non-slip, and corrosion-resistant. The beautiful inspiration originated from geographical stone, the lines are clear and delicate, the luster is bright, and it exudes the demeanor of the king. Size: 800*800mm

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