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Marco Polo tile renderings, how about

by:JIABANG     2021-04-22

The brand of Marco Polo is still well-known in the decking tile industry, but friends who have never used it still don't know about it. The following editor will tell you how the quality of Marco Polo tiles is.


1. Strong corporate strength, so that Marco Polo tile brand company has advanced technology, and the development over the years will also accumulate Rich production experience enables it to have excellent, environmentally friendly and safe products, and it has a strong competitiveness in the market.

2. The development of the past 20 years and the rich experience have also given the Marco Polo tile brand a strong ability to develop new products. While the quality level is high, the company's products will also be constantly updated. Keep pace with fashion.

3. The strong corporate strength enables the Marco Polo tile brand to have eight different styles and styles, which meet the perfect aesthetic and decorative styles of modern household consumers, and the brand market positioning will also be mainly aimed at Mid-to-high-end consumer groups.

4. Of course, in addition to the quality, the fairness of the price is also one of the major brands of Marco Polo tiles. Promotions are usually in the form of cash back. Group purchases will also be paid in the form of percentage, but Neither.

5. The quality of Marco Polo's staff is high and the service attitude is good. Good service is also one of the reasons why the Marco Polo tile brand is popular among consumers.

6. The Marco Polo price system is rigid and stable, with a national uniform price, a uniform price for the whole people, no discounts, no bargaining, no, the price is transparent (prices can be inquired on the Internet) and fair. Holiday promotions generally take the form of cash back, group purchases and large quantities take the form of down payment percentages, but neither.

7. Marco Polo tiles have strong ability to develop new products, high level, and the company's products are constantly updated.


1. The product positioning is high, and the mid-range market is ignored.

2. The product positioning is single, mainly for home improvement, ignoring the public installation market.

3. The establishment of functional departments of the dealership enterprise is unreasonable, and the level of staff management needs to be improved.


1. The raw materials are delicate, the quality of the embryo body is good, the density is high, and the hardness is strong;

2, the water absorption rate is low, and there is a strong Antifouling ability and acid and alkali resistance;

3. The glaze has high thickness, good abrasion resistance, good brightness, and vivid color and texture effect;

4, advanced technology, texture It is natural, with gentle and soft color and delicate texture, suitable for home decoration.

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