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Marco Polo Tile Price List

by:JIABANG     2021-04-23

   Now when buying tiles, in addition to the quality, the most important thing is to look at the brand. If your brand is not good, many people will not catch a cold on this tile, but when it comes to Marco Polo tiles, Many people are still quite impressed. After all, this decking tile has always been fighting at the forefront of high-quality ceramic tiles. In this issue, I will briefly talk about some introductions of this brand (Marco Polo tile price list)

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   Marco Polo tiles are famous for a long history. They have established their own factories as early as 1996. They are one of the earliest branded enterprises in the domestic ceramics industry, occupying the market with 'cultural ceramics'. The current products cover all categories such as matt tiles, polished tiles, polished outdoor ceramic tile, interior wall tiles, microcrystalline stones, hand-carved tiles and so on. The company has applied for more than 800 patents, and its self-developed original design ─ ─ 'China Impression' series products show the essence of Chinese traditional culture on ceramic tiles, and have received extensive attention from consumers and experts at home and abroad.

   At present, this decking tile is the first choice of some novices. Generally speaking, the quality of big brands is quite good, and it will be more reassuring to use, so the prices of different brands of tiles exist The difference is that some well-known brands in the market tend to be more expensive.

  The material of the ceramic tiles is also very good. The different materials of the ceramic tiles also have an impact on the price of the ceramic tiles. The price of the raw materials of the ceramic tiles is high, and the price of the ceramic tiles will be higher. The price also has a certain impact, but in general, the materials of its ceramic tiles are also very powerful, so generally speaking, it will not lose money.

  The rich pattern of tiles is also an aspect of people’s choice. Consumers tend to have different patterns on the tiles they like. Therefore, the different patterns of tiles may also lead to differences in prices. The patterns are more beautiful and complicated. , Often need manpower to design, the materials consumed are also special, so the price will be relatively higher.

   Finally, I will give you a quotation for a decking tile:

   Ice Cloud White Jade Wall Tile JCKCB36MC300*600 (8 pieces/box) Reference Price: ¥110

   all thrown Glazed marble granite floor tiles granite floor tiles 800*800 reference price: ¥65

   ice cloud white jade CCDB30MC300*300 (15 pieces/box) reference price: ¥100

   Oman rose wall tile JCGEB36MC300* 600 (8 pieces/box) reference price: ¥110

   These quotations above are all from the Internet, so there may be discrepancies with your local, no wonder, if you want to know more details A little bit, it is recommended to go directly to the local tile shop to inquire. Finally, thank you for watching! (Price list of Marco Polo tiles)


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