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Marble tiles are better than natural marble

by:JIABANG     2021-07-22
What are the advantages of marble tiles over natural marble? Many people now think that natural is the best. This is still too absolute. Today, the editor of ceramics will tell you how marble tiles are better than natural marble. 1. High hardness and strong wear resistance. The main component of natural marble is calcium carbonate, which is easily weathered and corroded by carbon dioxide, carbides, and moisture in the atmosphere. Natural marble has only 3 Mohs hardness. It is spread on the ground and is easy to wear with the length of time. Marble tiles have the superior performance of ceramic tiles, with a Mohs hardness of 4-5, plus surface glaze protection, so that the product has high wear resistance. 2. High flexural strength, not easy to break. The flexural strength of tiles is above 30mpa, which determines that the thickness of the tiles is only 10mm-14mm. Natural marble has a low flexural strength due to its naturalness, which is generally only about 10mpa, so the thickness is generally 20mm to 25mm. Compared with marble tiles, the thickness of natural marble increases a series of burdens in the decoration process, such as increasing the weight per square meter, high transportation costs, difficult paving, and large space occupation. In contrast, marble tiles are An energy saver in the field of decoration. 3. Low water absorption and strong anti-fouling performance. Since natural marble is naturally formed in the earth's crust, the density cannot reach the density of marble tiles, and there are micropores and gaps. The water absorption rate is 0.7%-1.0%. It is easy to absorb water and stains and is difficult to maintain; while marble tiles are mechanically high-pressured. Molded, high density, water absorption rate ≤0.3%, not easy to absorb water, once there is a stain, just wipe it off with a rag to achieve convenient household cleaning. 4. Easy to process and not easy to break. Marble tiles gather the industry’s top craftsmanship and are produced by pressing with top-grade raw materials and equipment. They can be ground, cut, and various other processing techniques according to the needs of home decoration. They are not easy to crack and deform; by comparison, natural marble is more or less natural. There is a saying in the stone industry: “Marble without cracks is not considered marble.” Therefore, in the process of making large slabs, glue must be added, which has very high processing requirements. 5. Strict monitoring and rejection of color difference. Natural marble is general. There will be impurities, and there are sometimes obvious differences between the various mines, including color, texture, texture, etc., therefore, the color difference has become an uncontrollable factor; and the marble tile is based on Tongli marble tile products, which are produced in batches. Intelligent and personnel double detection and monitoring ensure the color number, almost no color difference, and ensure the overall effect after paving. 6. High quality material selection and stable supply. As we all know, natural marble is non-renewable, and resource scarcity is its essential problem. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain supply guarantee and quality assurance when used in large quantities; while marble tiles, such as Tongli marble tiles, choose high-quality stone varieties, and through industrialized numerical control production, the supply can be guaranteed and the supply is stable. 7. Convenient management, It will last forever. The care of natural marble is more complicated, and the surface of the stone needs to be cleaned by professional machine grinding and polishing. The cost of care is more than ten yuan per square meter, and it needs to be treated once every six months, which is relatively expensive; Tongli marble tile products are used on the surface Concave-convex technology makes the dirt nowhere to hide. Daily care is easy and worry-free. Just simple care can make the surface of the product lasting forever. The above is the marble tile arranged by the ceramics editor is better than natural marble. In which eight aspects, I believe everyone will know more about them after reading this article.
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