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Marble tiles and diamond tile difference in where

by:JIABANG     2021-01-14

in recent years, the ceramic tile market is developing very rapidly, appear on the market at present the various types of ceramic tile, decking tile, marble tile and diamond with its own unique species in all kinds of decking tile, become people like to buy a kind of good material, but the difference is very big. So, let us to get to know the marble tiles and diamond tile difference in where?

( 1) Product features is a kind of medium hardness of marble stone, often used in building decoration materials, glaze on the flexible polishing, careful observation will find a little fluctuation. Marble has obvious disadvantages, easily weathered, generally not suitable for outdoor. Relatively, the use of diamond tile better. In order to meet the needs of different customers, improve production technology, glaze polishing three times, make ceramic tile surface more smooth, zero water lines. ( 2) Marble tile surface hardness and what is the difference between diamond tile? According to related inspection center testing center, up five hardness on the surface of the diamond? Level 6, marble surface hardness is far less than 4? Hardness level 5. ( 3) Adornment effect on adornment effect, marble delicate texture, texture clear, rich colors, natural adornment effect is good, smooth texture, surface nature, natural color, uniform texture, it can be decorated with different styles. ( 4) Ehs diamond marble tile or ceramic tile, there are certain radiation. Marble tiles are cleaner, in production, processing and application on more environmentally friendly. And the composition such as diamond add silicon on the surface of the ceramic tile, make it slightly less environmental protection. ( 5) Price of diamond tile glaze thickness is very thin, but low in the market penetration, product quantity is little, so the price is your decking tile, marble so many consumers to stop. Where is the marble tiles and diamond tile difference is introduced here, if you want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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