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Marble tile what are the advantages and disadvantages

by:JIABANG     2021-05-27

marble granite floor tiles now more and more popular with decorate owner, because marble tile itself is very beautiful, but like any materials, without a floor tile material is no faults, the marble floor tile also has its disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the marble tiles?

a advantages of marble tile, marble, floor tile first attract you is its shape is beautiful. Few building materials as pretty as a marble. Marble has different dozens of varieties, the choice of colors ranging from black to pink to white, or even a dark green with white texture ( This is a kind of the most expensive) marble 。 Marble can complement many different decoration style, from classical to modern. Marble floor tile is a very durable, hard stone. If you are not careful will fell on the linoleum, ceramic plate plate may not be broken. But, if you will drop on the marble floor, ceramic plate will smash into hundreds of pieces. Marble inherent consistence is actually good. You will never don't have to worry about your dog will be bad your floor in its claws. The life of the marble floor tile is beyond imagination, excellent durability. Marble is one of the most ancient building materials, especially popular with the greeks and Romans. Their special marble works still exists today. If installed correctly marble in appropriate region, in the floor of the rarely used, for example, you may spend a lifetime don't need to replace the marble. In order to ensure durability, please hire trusted installation personnel. Second, the shortcomings of marble floor tile 1. The cost of a typical marble floor outdoor wood deck tiles is about four to eight dollars per square foot, depending on the type of your choice, you may need to spend more than $8 per square foot. Some marble, especially dark, such as the black and green varieties, need to pay the extra cost of installation. 2. In order to maintain the luster of the marble floor tile and clean, and you need polishing on a regular basis. Marble you need to use the special cleaning supplies, because most of the detergents containing chlorine, destroys the polished tile. The cleaning and polishing, the marble floor every 9 to 12 months need to seal. Marble tile what are the advantages and disadvantages are introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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