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Marble tile sells super fire, what the hell was that?

by:JIABANG     2020-04-19
< p > floor brick, each time there is a new items stand out, in the aid of tile floor will become a service industry, promote the development of floor tile industry trends. Nowadays, floor tile industry in mainland China under the condition of wind and rain depression, marble tiles, a new items stand out, also is unique, very rapid growth, the floor tile services what advance marble tiles have so very rapid development momentum? < / p > < p > features a: realistic color contrast of textures, grain. Marble with colorful appearance design attracted the eye of the consumer market, sometimes is common 'marble as decorate building materials, texture, texture and color difference is not controllable, large area USES when it is difficult to ensure the best actual effect', this one defect. In addition, each with a marble floor brick textures, grain, all of them are different because of different texture and texture, can't also shows its replication, if there are any damage, may lead to integrity of color difference inevitably. And marble tiles can as marble stone slab for supplements are widespread, the important is imitation stone slab of marble natural effect, smooth and graceful, bright and pure and fresh and natural, especially in ascension is accompanied by modern technology innovation ability, marble tile will more satisfy the need for consumer market natural color contrast texture and texture. < / p > < p > feature 2: the superior performance. Hardness: marble belonged to stone slab hardness, hardness most around 3; Marble tile products with high relative density and hardness above 5 more, more resistant to wear, easy to clean and more resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. Moreover, as a kind of natural marble, marble the nature, belongs to the non-renewable resources, mining failure will one day be no more. And marble tile even can not completely replace the natural marble, sometimes as a holistic performance more excellent than stone slab decorative materials wholesale products, its demand recognition degree and professional market will be bigger and bigger. < / p > < p > features three: price is very high. Marble price relative higher, most of the price is more expensive, and the structure characteristics of relativity loose, porosity is more, a brittle crack, decorating pattern have flaws, bibulous rate is far more than porcelain glazed pottery, so at ordinary times must polishing wax maintenance, maintenance costs are also great relativity with the price is higher, therefore, most of the marble is a five-star hotel, club, villas and other places of high-grade business use. Tile floor and high strength, resistance to wear, so the construction and maintenance of this aspect is much more convenient than natural marble, also more easy cleaning maintenance. Moreover, marble tile mass production, the pattern difference is small, supply stability, can replace degree is high, its high performance price ratio is more able to hold the attention of the consumer market. < / p > < p > in addition, after the 80, 90, in the later after house decoration, during the whole process will be more and more considering the high ratio of raw materials, and marble tile relativity for marble plank, cost-effective higher, more likely to become the selection of such groups. In the whole design process, marble tile will increase, and the designing idea of matching degree more expand the development trend of marble tile industry, in many places instead of natural marble, make the designer had more and more. With marble tile production processing technology will continue to progress, in the near future, super wear-resistant products will appear. < / p > < p > from the marble tile this kind of new items in the manufacturing industry boom can see under the current situation of excess capacity, the future development trend of outdoor ceramic tile market segmentation has become increasingly significant. With floor tile large enterprises continuously carry out technical innovation, the core idea, will also gradually highlights its brand advantage. Under the new market environment, contracted, fashion, the core concept popular indoor decoration of environmental protection, can promote the division of floor tile items, expanding to promote new items. Marble tile this new items will still be rapid development, become another key driver of floor brick manufacturing industry. < / p >
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