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Marble tile price and advantages

by:JIABANG     2020-10-16
is indispensable in household decorate building materials products, and the types and brands of decking tile also is diversified. We want to know, today is the marble tiles. Marble tile, actually is the imitation marble tile, it can be in the texture, color, texture and visual effects, both to achieve realistic effect of natural marble, adornment effect is more perfect, so since the marble tiles available, more and more popular. So, marble tile: how much is the price, what are the specific marble tile advantages? Just follow below small make up together to get to know it. Marble tile price as we all know, all of the price of the product, has many influence factors. So, today, we can do is according to the sales trend, do a average price analysis. 1. In general, is a joint venture factory production of the brand, the price is in 310 yuan per box. 2. If it is imported marble tile, the price is certainly more expensive, is generally in more than 980 yuan per box. 3. And if it is a natural culture stone, the price will be lower, generally remain at around 150 yuan per box. 4. So, for marble tile price, we can according to their own economic budget to choose and buy. Of course, the above price is only a reference, the actual price is according to region and the change of the brand. 1 the marble tile advantages. Marble tile is through mechanical pressure forming, sintering, so the glaze is exquisite and smooth, and waterproof antifouling performance is very good, clean up is very convenient, have very strong adornment effect. 2. A natural marble is relatively scarce resources, it is a high-grade stone, so the price is very expensive. And marble tile is the supply of goods is very stable, the price is only half of natural marble is even lower, thus greatly reducing the undertaking, but does not affect its function and aesthetic effect. 3. If it is a natural marble, its strength is lower, so easy to break, but if use thickening marble way to solve, can let the area of the marble and weight increases, so transportation costs as well as the shop is stuck difficulty will increase, also will be more room for use, and this is very troublesome. And marble tiles, completely avoid the existence of these defects. Edit summary: is the price above is the small make up about the marble tiles and the introduction of the advantages of marble tiles. Everyone after reading this article, is there any price and superiority on the marble tiles, have a more comprehensive understanding.
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