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Marble tile maintenance method is what

by:JIABANG     2021-01-15

is the ground cleaning chores & other; Galeries lafayette & throughout; Catch bilge, particularly difficult, especially for the ground of stains, cleaning up is more difficult, not only to the dirt to clean the clean don't let the ground was scarred, and ensure that the beautiful sex of the ground surface, etc. , so the ground cleaning is not a simple technical process. So how do the ground cleaning? Below to introduce what is marble tile maintenance method.

the marble floor cleaning than the tile floor of the complex, the marble floor cleaning must first clear the stains on the ground before is what kind, because of the different ways of besmirch cleaning technology is different also. (1) if the marble floor is stained with besmirch, coffee, tea, soft drinks, or other non oily soil, the best cleaning method is to find a clean piece of white cloth, with the concentration of ammonia and 20% hydrogen peroxide, the mixture will be wet. Then this piece of white cloth covered on the stain, and wrap them in a plastic bag and tape, besmirch generated the shorter the time, time is shorter, so when to take off the cloth, just look at the floor of their own. (2) if the marble floor stained with besmirch is oily be soiled, you can pass around the oil spill on some fine powder, such as corn starch, chalk powder, etc. Brushes off after a few minutes, the powder to repeat the action again, let powder stuck a day later, again with hot, soapy water or dip in with the brush can remove oily be soiled with ammonia rags. Note: after the completion of a marble floor cleaning besmirch, don't forget to rinse and dry marble. Of course, if the above methods have no effect, you can choose to use a dedicated marble cleaner. The ground clean, decking tile, marble floor cleaning method is different. After watching the above ground cleaning method, is helpful to your ability to do housework? Remember, in stains dripping in the first place, the stain is not immediately into the ground on the most effective cleaning. What is marble tile maintenance method is introduced to here, if you want to learn more click tile brand for details.

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