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Marble tile maintenance in what way

by:JIABANG     2021-01-14

a lot of people in indoor decoration can choose marble tile, marble tile now decorate with many advantages has become a lot of people to be bestowed favor on newly, but leave the maintenance, otherwise it would be easy to lose its luster, introduce below small make up on the marble tiles maintenance in what way?

1, scrubbing the marble tiles do not use hard objects such as steel wire ball, usually with a damp cloth to remove surface stains. 2, between wei yu, marble tile if be waited to profane by scale, soap scum, greasy, can buy clean decontamination creams, decontamination creams is not expensive. 3, place of ceramic tile aperture, can dip in with the brush a few decontamination creams purify bilge, impervious to water and mold growth and can brush waterproof agent in aperture place. 4, move the heavy furniture of what are slightly be careful, don't drag, so as not to scratch a layer of ceramic tile surface. Everyone's natural marble maintenance problem of trouble, because of the natural attribute of natural marble itself. Because of its material loose, easy to leave a stain, water is sensitive to scratches and damage. Especially the ground everyday wear, if not often maintenance care, will lose luster become gray, even feel thick hand touch. But unlike marble is the nature of ceramic tile decking tile, high density, high hardness, not easy scratches, not bibulous, corrosion resistance, stain also just stay on the surface of decking tile, not penetrating bricky system internal influence aesthetic feeling. So from this degree, marble tile maintenance is dirty with wet cloth to wipe clean, is very accord with modern fast-paced way of life. Marble tile maintenance in what way is introduced here, if you still want to know that more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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