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Marble ceramic tile of choose and buy?

by:JIABANG     2020-08-16

since we talked about the marble tiles so many advantages of the previous period, so we went to buy the marble tiles, how should choose and buy? Is there any way I can let's quickly discern good marble tiles.

high quality marble tile quality of a material nature, pure and fresh style, with ordinary people is difficult to distinguish between natural marble tiles. Consumers to buy ceramic tile, marble can filter the color of ceramic tile and water absorption.

1。 It is rich in marble tile color system, consumers can reference the decorate case, netizens can also listen to the opinions of the experts before shopping. In addition, you can according to individual be fond of, combined with the size of housing space, in order to achieve the best adornment effect.

2。 Because marble tiles is emerging products, the ceramic tile on the market the specification is uneven, large ceramic tile has become more and more popular. General customers will have & other; The atmosphere of the big outdoor wood deck tiles & throughout; The purchasing psychology, and thus ignore the size of the actual household space. But, in fact, the size of the ceramic tile is not the bigger the better. Accurately, the marble granite floor tiles of choose and buy should be based on the actual household space area to determine, so as not to affect the room space is beautiful.

3。 Don't rely too much on manufacturers award certificate. When buying ceramic tile, consumers tend to honor confused on the surface of the business, ignoring the product quality test report and radioactive test report. To judge the pros and cons of marble tile can not only rely on a variety of certificate, and should start from the quality of the product.

4。 In general, marble tiles will have off color, the color difference will directly affect the whole room decoration effect. When ceramic tile of choose and buy, consumer can be a batch of product vertically on a plane, observe whether there is uneven phenomenon. Then he put two piece of outdoor wood deck tiles together to see if there is a gap.

5, buy ceramic tile not only judging by appearance, but also cannot treat STH lightly in the experiments. Bibulous rate is one of the measures ceramic tile quality basis. Pour the water in the back of the ceramic tile, see how bibulous rate, bibulous rate is an important factor of ceramic tile is good or bad. absorbent is lower, the higher the density, makes the dense outdoor wood deck tiles hole absorbing water and dirt not easily, more convenient and clean.

marble tile benefits so much, that it have harm? Of course, the answer is no, it's a perfect ceramic tile.

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