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Main popular styles of exterior wall tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-14
The pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of individuality, and the pursuit of popular colors have become popular directions in the design, development and application of exterior wall tiles. Exquisite designs, diverse styles, fashionable manufacturing, and trend-setting exterior wall outdoor wood deck tiles products emerge in endlessly, forming a diversified appearance decoration trend (or pure and fresh, light and soft, or light and lively, natural and harmonious; or luxurious, luxurious and elegant; or simple and elegant. , Fresh and natural; or modern and fashionable, unconventional; or calm, heavy, and introverted. The main popular styles in the design and application of exterior wall tiles are: Doctrine style: nostalgia for the past is also a fashion, and retro exterior wall tiles have become a trend. No matter how the years change, it remains the same. The retro style provides inspiration for the design and creation of exterior wall tiles, and caters to people's retro psychology and nostalgia. Such as water ripple surface, split brick surface and other surface exterior wall tiles, with black Grey, dark brown and other colors, like going back in time, classical fashion. Natural style: Returning to nature has become a common psychological need of modern people, and natural-like exterior wall outdoor wood deck tiles products obviously satisfy people’s desire. With natural stone The exterior wall brick products developed with natural materials such as, wood and other natural materials are back to the original and full of natural charm. Products such as mountain-shaped bricks, quicksandstones, wind-eroded rocks, roller printing and other products are close to nature, so that people who are tired of urban life have a desire to return to nature. Reality Style: The realistic style is based on the principles of practicality, economy and high efficiency, and occupies the mainstream of the market. For example, the glazed exterior wall tiles of the backing kiln are made of delicate glazed surface, which is melted and fired at a high temperature of 1200℃, and the surface forms a kind of 'porcelain'. The material is dense and without pinholes, does not absorb water, does not absorb dirt, and does not seep. Under sunlight and rain washing, it has the functions of self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization. It is especially suitable for areas with high dust pollution and high acid rain concentration. Use. Ensure that the building walls are not polluted, and the later maintenance is easy. European style: European style is based on people's yearning for high-grade life. The design allows you to feel comfortable and natural, reflects the feeling of leisure and freedom, and expresses a kind of fullness Romantic yearning. The atmosphere of Western European design techniques is used in combination with romantic and noble style and elegant expression techniques.
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