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Knowledge to understand when decorating floor tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-06-20

Introduction to floor tiles

Floor tiles are a kind of floor decoration material, also called floor tiles. They are made of clay. They have a variety of specifications, strong quality, pressure and wear resistance. , It can prevent moisture, and some have been glazed for decoration. It is mostly used on the ground and floor of public buildings and civil buildings.

Floor tiles selection skills and methods:

1. Determine the decoration style before selecting floor tiles:

To make money when choosing a place, you must first understand the home decoration style. Choose suitable floor tiles for the decoration style. If you don’t know the decoration style, just buy floor tiles. No matter what the quality of the floor tiles, it will bring bad effects to your decoration.

2. Determine which spaces are suitable for floor tiles:

In the home decoration, each space is different, and the materials used will be different, so you must determine in advance which spaces are suitable for tiling tiles , It is better to affix floor tiles than floor in places with more water, such as kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, etc. Suitable for tiling floor tiles, and the living room and bedroom can choose floor tiles or floors according to their preferences, as long as they meet the overall decoration style.

3. Choose floor tiles and use less large-size floor tiles:

The specifications of home decoration floor tiles are 300*300, 300*450, 300*600, 600*600, 800*800, etc. , Especially for living room tiles, there are also specifications of more than 1 meter. Among them, outdoor ceramic tile are the most commonly used on home floors, and the specifications are 300mm*300mm and 330mm*330mm.

If the bathroom is about 2 square meters to 4 square meters, it is recommended not to use larger floor tiles as much as possible. The bathroom space is small and there are many corners. Oversized tiles need to be cut frequently, which is very wasteful. , And it’s a bit difficult to level the ground, and it’s not very convenient to install a floor drain.

4. Choose floor tiles and don’t catch up with the trend:

For floor tiles, many people will choose popular granite floor tiles styles, thinking that fashion is equal to good. In fact, when buying floor tiles, we You might as well go the other way and choose classic styles, so that the product is affordable and the quality of classic styles is relatively stable.

Steps and methods for granite floor tiles paving

1. Tile soaking:

Clean up the purchased tiles first, and Soak for more than 2 hours. The soaking is to allow the tiles to absorb enough moisture to avoid absorbing the moisture in the material after the paving is completed, resulting in insufficient moisture in the adhesive, affecting the adhesion firmness, and causing hollowing and falling off. After being fully immersed in water and before paving, you need to take it out of the water and wipe off the surface moisture for paving.

2. Set the auxiliary line:

Before paving, the vertical line should be hung on the leveling layer of the wall to determine the wall size line of the tiles, and then set the horizontal line. In this way, it can be ensured that tile paving remains horizontal and vertical and the surface is flat.

3. Set up support planks:

When laying tiles, you need to use the horizontal line as the guideline, and set up planks that can support the tiles to prevent the tiles from reaching the adhesive strength before Displacement or fall.

4. Pave in order:

The paving of floor tiles generally starts from the door and window (or balcony), from top to bottom, and proceeds from left to right. The specific The paving method is: first moisten the leveling layer with water, use a shovel to wipe the mud (or other adhesive) on the back of the tile, then stick the tile on the wall, and then tap the tile with a shovel handle or a rubber hammer to make Mud and mortar fill the space between the wall and the tiles.

Note that the mouth should be aligned with the horizontal line. If it is not aligned, you can adjust it by laying a small piece of wood under the tiles. After a line is pasted, use a ruler to level it horizontally. Use a hammer to knock down the higher part, and re-fill the recessed part to ensure that it is flush. The adhesive material should not be too thick or too thin, too thick and not easy to spread, too thin and hard to stick.

5. Cleaning and maintenance:

The stains and dust on the surface of the floor tiles need to be cleaned up in time. Here are some cleaning and maintenance methods. The surface pollution is more serious, especially When it is stained with some difficult to remove stains, you can wipe it with a 10% concentration of dilute hydrochloric acid solution. If you use dilute hydrochloric acid, you must rinse it with tap water at the end. After the tile glaze is cleaned, a thin layer can be sprayed on the surface. Bilizhu brightener, and wipe it again with a soft cloth, you can keep the tile surface bright and not easy to be contaminated.

How to maintain floor tiles

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