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Knowledge sharing of ceramic tile process acceptance

by:JIABANG     2021-05-04

  As we all know, decoration is a troublesome thing, especially for the first time decoration owners who have no experience and can only find out on their own. Therefore, many people choose to let the decoration company do it in order to save the worry, but they don't understand the knowledge of the decking tile process acceptance, and often spend money and suffer a hidden loss. Therefore, we must achieve a certain level of acceptance of the decking tile technology to prevent the decoration company from perfunctory.


    1. Surface: Check for missing edges, corners, and porcelain. In addition to the quality of the product itself, pay attention to the protection of the finished product after construction;


    2, chamfering: the seam of the two tiles at the external corner should be chamfered at 45°, otherwise the overall appearance will be affected.

    3. Butt joint: The gap between the outdoor wood deck tiles and the outdoor wood deck tiles should be even and flush, too large or too small to look good, usually many masters use toothpicks to control the spacing when paving.

    4. Holes: There are a lot of pipelines in the kitchen and bathroom, and the problem of opening holes on the tiles is often encountered. Therefore, during the acceptance, you can focus on the hole and whether the size is correct. Whether the corners are smooth.

    5. Design and color: In the place of applique tiles, we should focus on whether the pattern connection is natural and smooth, and whether there are problems with misplaced or uneven pasting.


    Check for empty drum tiles: tap the surface of the tiles with your hands or with a drum hammer. The sound of qualified tiles is dull. On the contrary, empty drum tiles are easy to fall off in the future. Drop from the shop.


    1. Soaking time: soak in water before laying the tiles. The soaking time depends on its density. You can ask the master how long it has been soaked during acceptance, usually in a basin. No blisters are better, about 2 hours is better.

     2. Loss: the loss of ceramic tiles is related to its own quality, craftsmanship, and room type. Generally, the normal loss rate is 510%. The larger the size, the more loss.


    1. Flatness: Use a 2M leaning ruler to put it in a horizontal position, and then use a feeler gauge to place it on the upturned place, and read from the feeler gauge, generally In other words, it is normal that it does not exceed the acceptance standard of 2 mm.

    2, water slope: water will be stored on the kitchen and bathroom floor, there must be a certain slope when paving, the tiles next to the floor drain must be tightly attached, and the water pouring experiment can be done during the acceptance to see if the flow and drainage speed is smooth Unimpeded.

   The above is to think of the acceptance criteria and steps of the tile laying process. What do you think after reading it? The outdoor wood deck tiles laying acceptance is very important, but the method is not difficult, so everyone accepts it At that time, just pay more attention.

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