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by:JIABANG     2021-05-25
Polished tiles This type of outdoor wood deck tiles is made by pressing the powder of clay and stone with a press and then firing. The front and back sides have the same color and no glaze. After firing, the surface is polished again, so that the front side is very smooth. , Very beautiful, the back is the original face of the brick.  Advantages: After polishing process, the original stone has been polished bright and clean, more transparent and like a mirror surface. The use of polished tiles can make the entire space look brighter. Disadvantages: The polishing wheel is smooth, so it is not slip-resistant. That is to say, once there is water on the ground, it will be very slippery. This is why everyone sees that the stone laid on the general stairs in the building is not polished. It is matte, only in this way can it be slip resistant. At the same time, poor polished tile liquid is easy to penetrate, and it is not easy to wipe.   vitrified brick    waved brick is similar to polishing, but the production requirements are higher, the press is better, it can press higher density, and the firing temperature is higher, and it can be fully porcelain. Suitable for living room, bedroom aisle, etc.  Advantages: Waved tiles are an enhanced polishing process. Generally, the surface is very bright without polishing, which can solve the problem of easy dirtying of polished tiles to a certain extent. How to choose and match tiles of different colors? The beige series of ceramic tiles give the room a magnificent nobility and elegance; the    stone grain color is simple and natural, but also thick and full of connotation; the earth-color and terracotta series of ceramic tiles are spread on the floor of the living room and dining room, allowing people to experience the countryside (Decoration renderings) Pleasant and comfortable style. The blue and green series of tiles are easily reminiscent of the vastness of the sky and the natural beauty of the grassland.  The red series of tiles make the ground look very special and have a gorgeous feeling. The    gray series of tiles have more cultural taste and natural scenery; the contrast of black and white can increase the sense of structure on the ground. Ceramic tiles: easy to buy, easy to take care of, don’t worry about getting wet or scratched easily by hard objects, and the price is very moderate. But it also has its own disadvantages, that is, it is hard to step on under the feet, easy to slip, and feel not so warm.   At present, ceramic tiles are developing in the direction of lightness, thinness and strength. Generally speaking. The thickness of commonly used polished tiles or vitrified tiles should be 10-12 mm, and the weight of a single block of 800 mm size is about 15 kg. The larger and thicker bricks are not only economical, but also increase the impact on the floor. pressure. At the same time, the size of the tiles must match the indoor environment and space. You can take out two pieces of the same type of product and place them on a horizontal surface. Use the tips of your hands to slide back and forth along the edge of the tile. If there is no obvious roughness when passing through the joints of the tile, the size of the tile is indicated. Better, the error is small. The smaller the size error, the better the tile paving effect. Disadvantages: polished and vitrified tiles are beautiful because of their bright surface and high abrasion resistance. However, they have the disadvantages of single color, easy to get dirty, non-slip and easy to infiltrate colored liquids. These two types of tiles are generally relatively large. It is used in living room, door courtyard and other places, and rarely used in watery places such as bathroom and kitchen.
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