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Knowledge of ceramic tile of choose and buy ceramic tile of choose and buy to know what knowledge

by:JIABANG     2020-12-12

by knowledge for the selection of ceramic tile ceramic tile of choose and buy, can be targeted to choose. In the choice of decoration materials, quality is first, choose high quality materials to decorate, can make whole decorate a more stylish, more can highlight the taste of the owner. Below to find out what are the ceramic tile of choose and buy knowledge together.

ceramic tile of choose and buy knowledge see appearance in decking tile of choose and buy when, want to see the color of ceramic tile is uniform, the surface roughness and flatness is good, the rules and patterns of the surrounding is very complete, can take out SiWuPian from a whole box to see if there is any color difference, deformation, and the defects such as lack of Angle and edge. Knowledge of ceramic tile of choose and buy when listening to the sound of ceramic tile of choose and buy, tap ceramic tile, with good thing sound more clear, so the higher the degree of vitrified, quality is relatively better, also can use the left hand three refers to clip a corner of the ceramic tile, and easily down, with his right hand index finger tapping the tile part, voice is clear and sweet is the top grade. Knowledge of ceramic tile of choose and buy drop test may drop on the back of the ceramic tile, see water out after the infiltration speed, generally speaking, if the absorbing water speed is slow, so it shows that the density of ceramic tile is bigger; On the other hand, is the faster, the absorbent is its density is sparse, and its internal quality based on the former. of choose and buy knowledge rule in the process of buying ceramic tile, can use the ruler, the accuracy of the ceramic tile side if the higher, the better the effect after the shop is stuck will be, and buy high quality ceramic tile is not only easy in construction, also can save time and materials. Use a tape measure to measure the size of each piece of ceramic tile around if there is any difference, its precision is higher after taste. of choose and buy comprehensive knowledge in ceramic tile of choose and buy when, of course, in addition to these methods still need to pay attention to the surface of the ceramic tile of glazing, whether even without blemish, if is polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, also need to consider the fouling resistance and skid resistance, etc. , but also according to the size of the usable floor area to suit the size of the choose and buy, to avoid the waste of the shop is stuck in some loss. Knowledge of the ceramic tile of choose and buy above introduction, you know? From different aspects to understand the characteristics of ceramic tile and its problems, the price of the understanding of these, to buy ceramic tile has a favorable condition, hope you can in these problems under the guidance of choice to their preferred and domestic outfit style ceramic tile that accords with oneself, if you want to know more can click on the brand ceramic tile details.

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