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Kito ceramic tile?

by:JIABANG     2020-09-27
is one of the building materials that we must be used in household decoration, hard smooth surface, bright let a space more fashion, warmth, ceramic tile of brand on the market is very much also, what kind of ceramic tile brand good? Decorate a friend should have heard of kito ceramic tile, so kito ceramic tile quality exactly? The price is expensive or not? Below small make up collected some information to share with you! Kito ceramic tile is introduced: kito kito ceramics co. , LTD. , is the guangdong foshan ceramic tile of brand products. Through constant innovation and development, kito with solid strength and excellent research and development technology, the introduction of advanced production equipment in the production of ceramic tile, whether in style series, or in terms of quality after-sales is in the front end of the industry. Won the affirmation of peers and consumers trust, kito brand has become an international brand in China. Kito ceramic tile is good: 1, kito ceramic tile has five series: archaize brick, porcelain glaze tile, wall outdoor wood deck tiles, polishing brick, accessories and fittings. Design is rich, each species has its own advantages and characteristics of the decorative pattern comparison of good-looking appearance, high strength, wear resistance, affordable price, meet the needs of different consumers, can complete one-stop shopping. 2). Kito ceramic tile company has perfect after-sale system, when buy professionals will be enthusiasm for the owners to provide some suggestion and scheme selected brick, as far as possible for the owner's right to choose the best suitable products. 3, kito of archaize decking tile glazed tile surface leveling for build a stable noble style is in the living room. In the kitchen with glazed pottery is also possible. Company newly launched a new ceramic tile, wood gold, looks highly imitation wood, and it is selected gold-rimmed nanmu, rosewood and other high-grade tree species of decorative pattern, quality of a material is very good, wear waterproof and thermal insulation performance is very good, can match the shop of wooden floor effect. 4. Kito ceramic tile in the industry have a number of patents honors, was named the top 500 China is valuable. The Shanghai world expo and the guangzhou Asian games venues ceramic tile and VIP rooms are adopting kito decking tile decking tile, mean that kito ceramic tile successful route to the internationalization of the world. Kito ceramic tile is expensive or not: 1, kito archaize outdoor wood deck tiles K0806330YAF RMB 2, 118 yuan/square meters kito antiskid all glazed ceramic topaz K0803079YAF RMB 178 yuan/square meters 3. RMB 60, kito K915888MA archaize brick. 8 yuan/square meters 4, kito, prevent slippery brick K050507 RMB 5, 96 yuan/square meters kito antiskid west cream-colored K080654YAF RMB 108 yuan/square meters 6, kito archaize brick K050507GA RMB 78 yuan/square meter small make up summary: that's how and kito kito ceramic tile ceramic tile is expensive or not relevant content is to introduce you to it, hope to bring you some help, the text of the kito ceramic tile are market reference price, for reference only, if there is a need friends recommend can go to the store to understand oh.
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