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JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration

Item No.
2 years
6PCS/CTN, standard export carton
Lead time
45 days after deposits.
Payment term
T/T, LC, D/P.
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Application Scope
decking squares has reliable quality and a long service life, which can meet the needs of various industries for decoration.With a focus on customers, Jiabang analyzes problems from the perspective of customers and provides comprehensive, professional and excellent solutions.
Product Comparison
decking squares is more competitive than other products in the same category for the following advantages: quality materials, exquisite workmanship, good quality, affordable price, and high durability.Compared with other same kind of products in the market, Jiabang 's decking squares is equipped with the following outstanding advantages.
Company Advantages
1. Premium raw materials: the raw materials of JIABANG travertine marble tile are well selected and strictly analyzed by our quality control member. They compare with the data through high-intensity testing experiments and then select the best materials.
2. Our experienced team pays much more attention to the crafts design of travertine marble tile .
3. Only professional team can provide professional service and high quality travertine floor tile .
/  Product information

Travertine stone decking tile is an elegant item, combined natural travertine stone and new PE plastic base by 36 drops of silicon glue. It is durable & heat resistance.


  • Product name
    Special design of click DIY tiles for distribution TTS36P-YL
  • Color
  • Material
    Natural travertine stone, plastic base, silicone glue
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • N.W
    2.35 KG
  • 1 square meter
    around 11 pcs
  • Certificate
  • Application
    Outdoor like garden, patio,balcony,terrace, sunroom,etc.
  • Optional package
    brown carton, color box, shrinkage film, window box, display box, pallets,etc.
/  Product details
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-1

                                                             Front view 


JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-2

                                                                         Back view


  JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-3

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-4
Top material
Using A grade natural travertine stone material, anti slip surface, natural look, hard wearing and heat absorption.
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-5
Base material
Total new PE material plastic base, 36 pcs drops silicon glue, more stable and not easy come out.With creative tab  & slot buckle, easy install like play with kids block.
/  Project display
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-6

For garden

Durable granite  deck tiles TTS36P-YL for balcony
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-7

For patio

Stable granite  deck tiles TTS36P-YL for garden
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-8

For porch

Durable granite deck tiles TTS36P-YL for patio


/  Installation

No Special Tools Required
You don't need any adhesives, tiles spacers or grout or to lay Decking Tiles. Everything you need for a quick and easy installation is included in each box.

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-9
Step 01
Prepare the Surface
Interlocking Tiles can be placed on most hard surfaces. However, it's important that the surface is as smooth as possible, with no bumps, large cracks, uneven areas or surface depressions that would allow the Decking Tiles to "rock" in place. If the surface is particularly uneven, you may need to level the surface with some patching compound or filler. We do not recommend the installation of Inter Locking Tile on bare ground.
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-10
Step 02
Plan Your Design
It's easy to create unique patterns, designs and borders by using a combination of different tile styles. You can sketch your design on paper to try various design combinations. The possibilities are endless! 
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-11
Step 03
Lock the Tiles into Position
Start by placing an Interlocking Tile in the corner of the area that you want to cover, making sure the two sides of the tile with the tabs showing are facing outwards in the direction you will be laying the tiles. Place the edge of the next tile without the tabs showing over the black connecting tabs so these tabs lock into position with the corresponding slots on the underside of the second tile. Repeat this simple "lock in place" process with the remaining tiles, working in a diagonal direction across your entire design.
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-12
Step 04
Completing Your Project
You can generally avoid cutting Interlocking Tiles where you need to fit around fixed objects, odd shaped areas or against walls simply by filling in the gaps or spaces with medium sized pebbles, volcanic rock or other landscaping material.


/  Key feature
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-13

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-14  Easy install

Quick and easy install, no skills needed.

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-15

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-16  No Maintenance

No Maintenance needed.


JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-17

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-18  Water drainage

Non slip surface, perfect water drainage system.

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-19

JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-20  DIY concept

Available in wide range of materials.

/  Package

We offer wide range packing method to fullfill various customers different requirement.
carton, color box, shrinkage film, pallet, display box,  or other tailor made package.


JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-21

/  Certificate
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-22
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-23
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-24
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-25
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-26
JIABANG hot-sale travertine floor tile high-quality for garden decoration-27

Company Features
1. Over the years, Foshan Jiabang Garden Supplies Co.,Ltd. has earned a wealth of expertise in the production of travertine floor tile . We are a prominent manufacturer in the industry.
2. JIABANG attaches great importance to forward-looking technology applications in the production of travertine tile for sale .
3. Foshan Jiabang Garden Supplies Co.,Ltd. has been consistent for many years, providing integrity services to every customer. Get price! Our goal is always to provide the best service and exquisite gray travertine tile . Get price! With ambition, JIABANG aims to be the most competitive travertine marble tile supplier. Get price!
I really like this product. It got 4 stars because every time I move the mop some solution squirts out. It's annoying because you have to use something else to dry the floor when your some mopping.
works great. The mop cloth can be a little floppy on it but overall it does a good job cleaning our hardwood floors.
I hadn’t sealed my gold travertine tile in 10 years and it was so dull. I recently had to grout a small piece by the door and filled the holes with grout so it got in some tiles and was even duller than before bc of the dust I couldn’t remove. I bought this and did 1 coat and another one 24 hours later . I’ll do another 1 or 2 just in case. I have a small kitchen and am also doing the tile in the foyer area and still have 1/2 the bottle so it goes a long way with a sponge. Make sure the sponge is dry the next day bc if it’s wet with water you’ll see the streaks. So I’m using 1 large one I cut in half. The pic is right after I did the 2nd coat but it dries quickly.
The first batch was lovely. The second time ordering it was not the same size and didnt interlock with first batch. We made it work but just make sure order all at once. That is why i am dropping rating a star.
I first bought this product for myself in "Scabos". I LOVE it so much and praise it to everyone. When my friends were redoing their kitchen, they chose to use this product in "light". The small scale makes the installation so easy. The texture of the natural stone is beautiful. I put dimmable puck lights under my cabinets and it really highlights the texture and beauty. My friends did not install under counter lighting. It is still beautiful, but I feel the lighting adds tremendously to the shadowing effect. In addition to this prodeuct, we both chose the 3/4 inch pencil edge. The edge finishes off the backsplash perfectly. Oracle Stone, the seller, was prompt and it arrived sooner than expected. It shipped in multiple containers with a lot of packing to prevent breakage. I have nothing but praise for the product and the seller.
I have black galaxy granite and this is the only cleaner that leaves it sparkling. The scent is subtle, and fantastic. I've been using it for more than a year. It's worth every penny!
My housekeeper really likes this product.
this was recommended for my marble counter tops- works great! they shine!
Used product before. Great to maintain granite and marble
Recommended by marble contractor. He said it was a “must have.”
Love, love this product! Smells great and cleans granite beautifully.
Product is pricey but does a great job. Bought elsewhere, you'd pay more
Very satisfied.
This product cleans & protects with a pleasant mild cucumber scent which I prefer over the citrus scent.
Works great on cleaning and maintaining the granite counter tops, is easy to use. The cucumber scent is mild and pleasant.
Returns shine & smoothness to granite countertops
Love this new product. It smells good.
We recently renovated a house we purchased, and we had all the wood floors completely refinished (house has wood floors throughout). My husband suggested we buy one of these, as he knows how anal I am with cleaning. I also have a Swiffer WetJet and Swiffer dry duster. The way in which this cleans has little difference than the Swiffer. However, if you want to clean your wood floors regularly and you’re debating whether or not to get this, just do it. Biggest upsides to Bona versus Swiffer: 1. The Bona microfiber pad is washable and REUSABLE (hallelujah!). Swiffer WetJet uses disposable pads. No more buying those boxes of thin cloths that I have to use 3 of just to do all my floors! Bona’s microfiber pad is thick and soft - and even better, reusable. 2. The Bona pad is much wider than the Swiffer and therefore covers more surface area when you clean. The pad just works so much better than the thin, disposable Swiffer ones. 3. The days of buying those WetJet cleanser replacement bottles are over! Bona has created a REFILLABLE product. You’re no longer forced to repurchase the Swiffer brand refills, or even the Bona brand refills! You can refill the bottle with whatever cleaner you prefer, even your homemade one. Anyone who has wood floors either through their whole house or high traffic areas, I would recommend this in a heartbeat, even if for no other reason than they don’t make you purchase refills of their brand.
Super Product!!!
I recently did a "refresh" to my kitchen and realized that my 15-year old granite countertops had become dirty over time. I had not maintained them properly. So I purchased StoneTech Oil Stain Remover to do a deep clean of the granite, sealed it with StoneTech BulletProof sealer, and now I maintain it with this revitalizer product. I like the scent--very light and fresh. I will be purchasing this product on a regular basis.
Works wonders on my granite island. Better price than Target.
Works fine
Best thing to use for your granite. Nothing else cleans and shines like this and smells great.
This is by far the best granite cleaner / revitalizer we tried so far.Our granite really looks great thanks to a great product which is affordable and easy to use.
It's great. I got it from the installer and now it's used up so I'm getting more. It gives the most amazing mirror-like shine with no effort.
I tried to use swiffer, but swiffers are so flimsy and throw my back out. They also take so many tiny cloths that take about 10 of them to do your entire house. The Bona is much taller and much sturdier making it so much easier on the back. Instead of having to repeatedly change out with cloths when mopping, I only need to use one for upstairs and one for downstairs. If it's extremely dirty you can simply walk over to the sink, spray it off and then resume mopping with the same pad. I also love the cleaner. It doesn't stink up your house at all and really restores shine to the floor without leaving a nasty film and choking fragrance. The only downside is it's definitely a bit more pricey than the swiffer, but you get what you pay for. To the people saying it made their floor slick, my floor is never slick from it. If it's making yours slick, that means you are using way too much. Each little spray goes a long way and the pad holds in a lot of moisture so you do not need to coat every inch of the floor with spray because the mop is going to help distribute it. There are also complaints about the mop leaking. Mine has never done this. It's important when you refill the cleaner that you have closed the cap on the bottle correctly. If threads are not properly aligned when screwing on the cap it could leak. When you place the bottle into the mop, make sure you hear a click. If you don't hear it lock into place, it is not in the mop correctly and may leak.
Love, love, love this moo! I’ve tried so many different types of moos. Either they’re too cumbersome or too flimsy and they break. I feel like Goldilocks because THIS mop is JUST RIGHT! Delightfully sturdy, easy to use and the best part? The bottle of cleaner it comes with is refillable. That was an unexpected perk! Well done BONA. This mop is a winner!
Way better than other products I have tried. So easy to use. Great for quick clean up or all over job.
The velcorw came off the only set back
Nice upgrade from my Spray-less Bona. Comes with solution already in the tank, no other refills and 1 mop rag that is on it. Easy to use and assemble.
Very expensive the spray broke 2 months used
Great product
Leaves a residue
very good roduct
I love this sweeper , it is so easy to use and it cleans great. The bona cleaner it came with works great on my ceramic tile floors
Easy to use for a fast shining clean floor. Takes the muscle work out of mopping.
So easy to use
Performed as expected
Great for hardwood floors.
After a year of use, the trigger release doesn't work. I would also recommend that the area the mop would cover be longer. You can't get a lot of space mopped quickly.
Where the handle latches onto the mop head is flimsy and acts like it's going to break apart when I use it.
Easy and fast to install. It’s a lot of creamy colors with gray and brown flecks here and there. Couldn’t be happier.
THIS STUFF IS A GAME CHANGER. I used is on some slate and stone we have around our fireplace. It really does have a wet look and it sealed QUICK! I did 3 coats on this thing and I don't forsee having to do this again for awhile. Can't wait to use it on a few other things this summer.
This mop is lightweight and easy to use. Does a decent job.
Can’t say anything negative at all. I have been using this product for a couple of months and it is a great thing. Love the idea of it and it does exactly what it is described to do. Excellent purchase!!
Great for laminate flooring- very easy to put together and convenient to use daily.
They work ok, but Mr. Clean erasers work better for the money
Great ease of use on our hardwood floor. Only downside is it needs a better swivel on the head to turn corners better.
Does a good job
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