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It is recommended not to buy such tiles

by:JIABANG     2021-07-07
Why is it not recommended to use this kind of antique tiles with strong surface bumps? Very simple, cleaning will be problematic. Ordinary antique bricks are actually easy to clean. You can just mop them directly, which is not much different from the cleaning of polished tiles and polished outdoor ceramic tile. However, this style with pits and bumps on the surface and a strong sense of unevenness will cause dirt in the small pits and inconvenience to clean up. A friend of mine chose a granite floor tiles with obvious concave-convex shape in the bathroom when decorating her house. She herself had a little obsessive-compulsive disorder. Later, she used a toothbrush to clean the pits of the floor tiles every time she cleaned. It feels like it was not cleaned, and the floor tiles with holes on the surface are really pits.” Later, a netizen left a message saying that it is best not to use mosaics for kitchen and bathroom. I guess it is also for cleaning reasons. However, I used part of the shower in my own house. Mosaic, I don’t use much, it feels okay. Also, the floor tiles must be bricks with good density. Some people reported that their tiles will smell after mopping the floor or when it is rainy. I guess it may be the density of the tiles. It’s not good enough, it breeds microorganisms, which is usually said to be moldy. What kind of density is good? The same specifications are heavy, the sound is crisp when knocked, and the water absorption rate is low. It is recommended to leave seams to pave the antique tiles, so that the effect is. Better, on the other hand, leaving seams and paving can adjust the error in the size of the tile itself. The kitchen and bathroom recommend beautiful seams, which have a long service life and easy cleaning.
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