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It is necessary to ceramic tile seam beauty?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-05
Traditional ceramic tile, after the completion of the construction of a problems generally the time is long, is because there is a certain depression of ceramic tile aperture, very easy to dust, serious and even black mould, cause the whole beautiful degree affected on the ground. This time the seam an agent, change the situation for everyone. The seam an agent is the upgrade of traditional jointing agent, can well solve the problems such as ceramic tile aperture dirty black. So, it is necessary to ceramic tile seam beauty? And there are positive and negative, ceramic tile seam beauty what's the harm? Believe that these are the problems of consumers are very concerned about, small make up immediately unriddling for everyone. A beauty, ceramic tile seam necessary? 1, as the jointing agent upgrade products, the perfect solved the problem such as ceramic tile seam beauty not beautiful and dirty black. And convenient than traditional construction, only fill do the bottom seam an agent, you can directly fill after ceramic tile adhesive added to ceramic tile aperture. For more than 2 mm gap filling. 2, color is rich, beautiful atmosphere, for the user to create pleasant and comfortable feeling, natural bright color, such as natural after solidification, the seam an agent can form the protective film of smooth surface, very bright, hard. Is beginning to shine at the moment. 3, avirulent environmental protection. Beauty of base material using natural resin material polymerization of polymer, combined with high-grade paint and special additives, modulation, and is the real green environmental protection material, do not contain any toxic substances harmful to human body,. Second, the decking tile seam beauty what's bad about 1, although the seam an agent construction is simple, but the construction is completed, it will find herself a job becomes uneven and place will leave some flaws, it is hard to be totally flat and level. 2, the seam an agent wear-resisting degree is not particularly good, especially for the micro SPAR, glazed ceramic tiles, bo changes a outdoor wood deck tiles, etc. , especially some small aperture, adhesive ability is bad. 3, caused by a lack of sticky relay, wait until the off-season, due to the heat bilges cold shrink, the seam an agent and ceramic tile aperture facade is easy to crack, peeling, fall off. The seam an agent is not water resistant, easy to aging. Three, how to discern the stand or fall of the seam an agent 1, good beautiful seam an agent will not shrink from sag, so want to see the covering power, dry fixed whether can shrink significantly, the surface is plump and smooth, and if the viscosity is not enough beautiful seam an agent, can appear off the phenomenon of powder, 2, smell, no smell of the seam an agent to prove the better environmental protection. Good beautiful seam an agent non-toxic harmless, even operation also does not hurt the skin with his hands, and absolutely do not contain toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and other toxic substances. 4, whether consistence, right is not easy to erase, good construction performance. The beauty of very thin seam an agent that is jerry products, in line with national quality standards of the seam an agent, the suitable viscosity, good bonding ability, construction is not going to happen after the empty and falls off phenomenon. 5, glossiness is appropriate, if too high, don't look natural. If too low, poor maintenance, want to choose natural exquisite gloss, can increase the aesthetic feeling and the grade of the bedroom. The article summary: ceramic tile seam is necessary, and ceramic tile seam beauty what's bad about to introduce here. Beauty is decking tile seam than traditional jointing agent or benefits of, make the surface of ceramic tile is more beautiful, more convenient cleaning, if your home in decorating, just consider beauty with ceramic tile seam.
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