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Is wooden floor better or ceramic tile better?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-07

   Wooden floors and ceramic tiles are two common choices people use in the home decoration process and when laying the ground. They have good sales in the market. In the process of using them, due to the different characteristics of their own materials, Therefore, there are many differences in use. In this article, we will introduce to you: Is wooden floor better or ceramic tile?

  1. Maintenance of ceramic tile: It is better to maintain than the floor, but it is prone to black seams and obvious scratches. All bad ones have to be replaced. Wood floor maintenance: The disadvantage is that it is difficult to maintain and easy to damage. It is necessary to change shoes when entering and leaving. It is used in many bedrooms. When there are not many guests, there are problems with single chip replacement.  2. Performance: Wooden floor is beautiful, comfortable, warm, good thermal conductivity, environmental protection and health, anti-noise and anti-skid, easy to install. Urban people want to have a peaceful and comfortable home after get off work, so they will choose wooden floors. It not only makes the feet feel comfortable, but also greatly reduces the impact noise on the floor, fundamentally solves the problem of excessive noise, and makes the living room more warm and peaceful. It is even better if there are elderly and children at home, which can prevent damage caused by slippery tile floors. The tiles are easy to clean, simple to maintain, not easy to hide dirt, and no air pollutants. Long service life, generally can be used for 10-20 years. Good fireproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion performance. Environmental protection; rich in shape. If you want enough convenience, then choose tiles. Use tiles one by one to spell out your vision of family life. Recently, a brand called Aoxiang Ceramics on the decking tile market has launched an inkjet decking tile. The ceramic tile can be whatever you want, and it is also suitable for contemporary young consumers. Moreover, the tiles are easy to maintain, and they can be cleaned by sweeping and wiping. nbsp;  3. Price: Generally speaking, the price of mid-to-high-end brand composite wood flooring products is between 90 and 120 yuan per square meter. The price of ceramic tiles for medium and high-end brands is between 150 and 250 yuan per square meter. The tiles are about 40-50 yuan per square, and there are better ones 70-80. Because it is more difficult to lay tiles and the technical requirements are high, most consumers can only find someone to lay it on their own, and the labor costs and auxiliary materials such as cement sand will cost about 40 yuan per square meter, plus going upstairs. The transportation cost, of course, cannot rule out the damage in the tile laying process and the waste of personal time. The laying of the ground is an indispensable process when people are decorating their homes. When laying the ground, the two common choices are wooden floors and ceramic tiles. This also makes many people often have this in the process of selling. Doubt: Is wood flooring better or ceramic tiles? I hope that the introduction of these issues in this article can provide you with some reference. If you want to know more about this knowledge, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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