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Is wood flooring better or ceramic tiles better?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-03
Now whether in the home, in the office or even in the commercial zone, people step on either the tile floor or the wooden floor. The cement floor is almost rare. When the room is first decorated, many people will be entangled in whether the wooden floor is better or the decking tile is better. The editor specially interviewed people in the industry who have been engaged in decoration for many years, and asked them to use their own experience to give you some suggestions. Let's take a look at the tile floor first. The tiles are made of earthy materials after high temperature processing and a certain glaze. The high-tech ceramic tiles can be waterproof, oil-proof, fire-proof, moisture-proof and can also play a beautifying role. It is easier to use ceramic tiles to make the floor. You can wipe off any dirty areas with water, and paste the ceramic tiles onto the floor with cement, which will not produce any harmful gas, and there will be no special needs. Note that the current tile anti-scratch technology is also very good, so the use of tiles is very worry-free. In the decoration, just choose the color or pattern consistent with the decoration style. In addition to worry-free and more functions, the ceramic tiles are not expensive. There are various low-grade ones, and the space to choose is relatively large. You can use tiles of various colors and shapes to make the room more vivid. What are the benefits of wood flooring? Many people like to walk barefoot at home. The wooden floor is a good choice. It will not produce a cold feeling like ceramic tiles. It will make the feet more comfortable. Even lying on or sitting on it will not cause any discomfort. a feeling of. The use of wooden floors reduces the friction between the shoes and the wooden boards, and the wooden materials do not conduct sound. Even if there is a big movement upstairs, the people downstairs will not feel it strongly, and the sound can be cut off and the room can be lived in. Get up more peacefully and make people feel more relaxed. The use of wooden floor in winter will feel that its heat transfer is more even, so that the temperature of the entire room is uniform. It is also more convenient and labor-saving when installing wooden floors, which can save customers a certain amount of labor costs. But the price of high-end wooden floor is not cheap, and it takes time to take care of it. Whether it is wood flooring or ceramic tiles, each has its own merits. Therefore, whether wood flooring is good or ceramic tile is good, it depends on how each one chooses, especially which material of the two floors is selected, it depends on the consumers themselves. The actual situation!
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