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Is wood flooring better or ceramic tiles better?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-08

  Many people have great doubts about the materials used when decorating their houses. Wooden floors and ceramic tiles are more common, but many people don’t have a complete understanding of these two types. They all think about wooden floors. Tiles are better, let’s take a look below.

   First, we must first understand the respective characteristics of wood floors and ceramic tiles, and what are the benefits of the floor: beautiful, durable, and comfortable. The use of geothermal heating has good insulation performance, the price is slightly cheaper, and the construction is simple. Install for free.   Second, the advantages are detailed: the floor has the characteristics of beautiful and durable, and the natural wood species can well show a person's life style. Too hard ground will make people feel uncomfortable. In order to ensure the wear-resisting life of the ground in public places with a large amount of wear, harder ground materials have to be used, and the wooden floor with better elasticity is used in living areas such as rooms, which not only makes the feet feel comfortable , And can greatly reduce the impact sound to the floor, fundamentally solve the problem of excessive noise, and make the room more warm and peaceful. Generally speaking, the price of mid-to-high-end brand composite wood flooring products is between 90 and 120 yuan per square meter. The price of ceramic tiles for medium and high-end brands is between 150 and 250 yuan per square meter. The installation method of wooden floor is simple, and the dealer's price includes auxiliary material cost and construction labor cost, so it can be installed free of charge.  3. What are the advantages of ceramic tiles: easy to clean, simple to maintain, not easy to hide dirt, no air pollutants, long service life, generally can be used for 1020 years, fireproof, waterproof, anticorrosive performance, environmental protection, and rich in shape.   Fourth, the advantages are detailed: If you want to be convenient enough, then choose floor tiles. In any building material market, there are floor tiles of various sizes, colors and patterns for sale. With one piece of floor tiles, you can spell out your vision of family life. Moreover, the floor tiles are very convenient to take care of, and they can be very clean by sweeping and rubbing them. The floor tiles do not have to worry about being wetted by water or scratched by hard objects. 5. Understand the shortcomings of wooden floors and ceramic tiles. What are the shortcomings of flooring: wooden floors do have the advantages of beauty and nature, comfortable feet, and good thermal insulation. Beautiful things often require more labor, and wooden floors are prone to deformation and warping. How much formaldehyde will be released, which is harmful to health. It's not easy to take care of, and you have to wax it frequently for maintenance. Affected by weather and humidity, regular maintenance is required. It is easy to deform and warp after being immersed, formaldehyde is released, and the service life is relatively short.  Whether the wooden floor is good or the decking tile is good, I will introduce here. If you want to know more, you can click on the decoration knowledge to learn more.

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