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Is there high quality for big brands of tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-09
In the modern market environment, whether it is product types or product brands, there are so many dazzling people, and even prices are uneven. People don’t know how to choose among the many products that are cost-effective and of good quality. However, when buying building materials such as ceramics, it is recommended that you buy brands. A brand is not just a name but also a guarantee. Many people think that the brand is just a name that is expensive. Then you are very wrong. The brand is created step by step by the product. In the end, the fundamental reason why it is more expensive than others is still product. Looking at the sales battles of various brands in 2016, big brands will always do the best in terms of the products themselves and the after-sales of their products. They will provide customers with better service. While free delivery, they also provide space paving suggestions and design drawings, and send technicians to actual survey and mapping of customers’ houses. Through computer simulations, customers can also participate in their own houses. Beautification is coming. And big brand merchants will follow up on tile paving and after-sales service, allowing consumers to experience a true one-stop service. These services are supported by the brand, because he has the ability, self-confidence, and can do it. The so-called low-priced products have no after-sales or services. After the products are sold, they can only solve any problems by themselves. On the other hand, brands can better protect the rights and interests of consumers. Expensive is not necessarily good, but good is not cheap. For home building materials, a high-quality decking tile will not be cheap. Although the surface of the ceramic tiles does not seem to be too mysterious, in fact, the internal quality varies greatly, such as the difference in water absorption, hardness, and abrasion resistance. After the tiles are shipped to consumers, there will be fragments in each package of the defective tiles. The brand is formal. The ceramic tiles produced by the manufacturer have almost no fragments in each packing box. The reason is that the quality of the tiles is very different. And these differences are the real reason for the difference in the price of ceramic tiles. In today's increasingly rational consumption habits, low prices can only become a gimmick that attracts consumers' attention. The real measure of a company's success or failure is the company's product quality, after-sales service, and the company's own strong strength. Consumers still have to keep their eyes open in the process of choosing ceramic tiles, and beware of unscrupulous merchants from making huge profits. Consumers themselves will ultimately suffer.
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