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Is there a radiation to ceramic tile? How can I buy the ceramic tile of low radiation?

by:JIABANG     2020-10-10
Home decoration ceramic tile, definitely not many friends may have heard of ceramic tile has radiation will harm the family's health, the ceramic tile exactly have radiation? How to buy the ceramic tile of low radiation? Below and the 'net' in the future home outfit look at ceramic tile exactly have radiation? How can I buy the decking tile of low radiation? The answer is yes, ceramic tile have radiation! radiation refers to the phenomenon of ceramic tile containing radioactive material! ! ! Glazed ceramic tile is in the substrate with a layer of glaze ceramic tile, ceramic tile surface colour diversity, rich design and decorative pattern, its mostly from potassium mineral raw materials, such as feldspar, mica, these minerals contain a certain amount of uranium and radon and other radioactive substances. In order to make the ceramic tile surface is bright and clean, raw materials tend to add high radioactive zircon sand. But the ceramic tile in the process of production to achieve the effect of whitening and brightening, manufacturers tend to add just the right amount of zirconium silicate. To the toilet, bathtub, sink, etc. Almost all the production of sanitary ware, will join this kind of material, with small amount of radioactive nuclide in the process of refining, mainly potassium, sodium, the three kinds of radium. Add a small amount of zirconium silicate porcelain production process is a kind of modern production technology, is comparatively mature technology, so little radioactive on ceramic tile, need not worry completely, ceramic tile radiation to human body is less than a minute of talking on the phone radiation. Second, how to choose and buy, the deeper the color of decking tile ceramic tile, rich in the radioactive material, the more radiation is relatively greater. The white decking tile, usually make up the additives, rich in more often radiation is greater. Zirconia brightener, such as radiation, can damage human body health, and polishing brick Chinese super white outdoor wood deck tiles radiation is stronger. Suggest don't choose a color too deep or too white ceramic tile. Class A standards: when buying ceramic tile, check whether marked on the outer packing the goods has class A standard. Super white outdoor wood deck tiles choose: polishing brick in the process of production, in order to achieve the effect of whitening, can add zirconium silicate, and some of the enterprises for the production of super white brick add excessive, ceramic tile is the main reason for the excessive radiation.
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