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Is the tile hollowing nailed with steel nails? This is not a long-term solution!

by:JIABANG     2021-07-12
Although ceramic tiles are decoration materials with relatively stable physical properties, they may also fall off due to improper construction or long service life. How to deal with tile hollowing? The editor has seen people nailing ceramic tiles with steel nails: this usually occurs in the corridors and corridors of the residential area. The ceramic tiles fall off in a large area due to construction problems. When developers and properties cannot replace the tiles in time, they will go to the wall first. The bricks are nailed with steel nails. Tile hollowing, do nails really work? In fact, the practice of nailing steel nails is more of a stopgap measure. Because ceramic tiles are different from wood or other materials, they have a certain thickness and quality, and the fixing effect of nails is very limited. In addition, the dense nail wall also hinders the aesthetics. Nailing steel nails is not a cure for the symptoms, but what should I do if the tiles are hollow, loose or even fall off? If the tile has completely fallen off, the outdoor wood deck tiles house suggests that you can use the embedded copper wire on the back of the outdoor wood deck tiles to hang the wall: nail steel nails on the wall; make two grooves on the back of the decking tile; bury the copper wire in the groove and use structural glue Seal; finally apply tile glue on the back of the tiles, and hang the copper wire on the steel nails when paving. In this way, under the dual protection of tile glue and copper wire, the probability of tile falling off is greatly reduced. If the tile has begun to loosen but has not fallen off, you can choose to suck the hollow tile with a suction cup and hang it straight out, or you can break the tile from the middle, use a crowbar to carefully pry the damaged tile from the middle to the surroundings. Move until the tiles are completely loose and then take them out. The removed tiles can be re-laid according to the method of pre-embedded copper wire or traditional cement paving. Another situation is that the tiles are not loose and fall off, but there are lighter hollows at the corners. At this time, grout can be used to repair them. The specific method is: first scrape the tile gaps at the corner hollows, and then mix the cement into a very thin and dilute grout. While hitting the hollows with a metal hammer to vibrate, pour from the gaps at the same time. Fill in the cement slurry so that the cement slurry gradually fills up the hollow.
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