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Is the floor of the living room covered with tiles or wood?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-17

   Is the floor of the living room tiled or wood flooring? In the field of home improvement, tile and wood flooring are the two most popular main materials on the market at present, each has its own advantages, regardless of top and bottom. As the floor decoration of the living room occupies an extremely important position, many owners are hesitant to choose the materials, and do not know whether the floor of the living room is tiled or wooden. Today, the editor will take the selection of the floor of the living room as the theme, and introduce in detail the strategy of selecting the floor of the living room. I hope everyone can gain something after reading it.

  Whether the floor of the living room is tiled or wooden floor?   The selection of the floor of the general living room is analyzed according to the purpose and function, which is mainly affected by factors such as material, style, safety, environmental performance, heat preservation and maintenance, and price. 1. From the perspective of material analysis, wood flooring is a floor made of natural wood. It can be roughly divided into four categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring (multi-layer solid wood flooring, three-layer solid wood flooring), and laminate flooring (composite flooring). ), bamboo flooring. Because of the huge differences in tree species and the sunny or shade of the trees, the materials have strong regional differences. The paint finishes of the paint-free and planer-free floors currently on the market are cured by ultraviolet radiation, which increases the difference in materials. Chaotic.   Compared with the wooden floor, the material of the floor tiles is relatively similar, and the composition of the tiles in various places is almost similar, and there will be no adaptation to the region.  2. Analyze from the style pattern.    Everyone pays more attention to the style pattern in the choice of whether the floor of the living room is tiled or wooden floor. In this regard, ceramic tiles are far better than wooden floors. Because of the complete variety, brilliance, various patterns and different specifications of ceramic tiles, many patterns can be designed during paving, and the effect will be very good. Moreover, the ceramic tiles reflect light, which can increase the brightness of the entire room, which looks spacious and bright, so the ceramic tiles are very popular with everyone.  The wooden floor is weaker in the choice of brilliance, style, etc. It is not easy to design a special effect. However, the wooden floor is more textured because it is made of wood, and the texture and color are many, which can express the natural style and highlight the household taste of the occupants.  3. Analyze from the perspective of safety and environmental protection   Whether the living room floor is tiled or wooden floor is better, many owners will also choose from safety and environmental protection. The wooden floor is non-radioactive, non-formaldehyde, and not easy to slip. The ceramic tiles are hard and cold, easy to regain moisture in humid weather, and easy to slip. Therefore, at this point, wooden floors have a great advantage.  4. Analyze from the heat preservation and maintenance.    The heat preservation of wooden floor is better than that of ceramic tiles, especially in winter. If the floor of the living room is covered with ceramic tiles, it will give people a cold feeling, and the wooden floor will be much warmer. But if you use floor heating at home, the durability of ceramic tiles is better than that of wooden floors.   For cleaning and maintenance, wooden floors are more convenient than ceramic tiles, but oil stains and water stains can cause more damage to wooden floors, while ceramic tiles are almost harmless. In addition, wooden floors are greatly affected by weather and humidity and require regular maintenance. It is easy to deform and warp after being immersed in water, and its service life is relatively shorter than that of ceramic tiles.  5. Analyze from the price    Whether the floor of the living room at home is tiled or wood floor, price is also an important consideration. According to the current situation in the home improvement market, the price of ceramic tiles is more cost-effective than wooden floors, and the cost of post-maintenance of ceramic tiles is also less than that of floors. Most families will choose to lay ceramic tiles in the living room during decoration. If the living room in your home is larger, ceramic tiles should be chosen, and the cost is lower. If the living room is not large, wooden floors can be laid.  Whether the floor of the living room is tiled or wooden floor is better? After reading the introduction of the above guide for selecting the floor of the living room, I believe you have made your choice. If you want to know more, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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