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Is the balcony painted or tiled?

by:JIABANG     2021-04-29

Many people are entangled in whether the balcony wall is tiled or coated with latex paint. In response to this problem, the editor decided to compare the characteristics of some ceramic tiles and latex paint.

Ceramic tiles are the first choice for balcony wall decoration. Due to the fashionable and environmentally friendly requirements of balcony walls, many people still choose to lay tiles on balcony walls. The editor thinks that ceramic tiles are very beautiful and practical wall decoration materials. It has good waterproof, fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and it is a perfect match for balcony walls. If the balcony of the home is to be used for functions such as placing washing machines and drying clothes, it is more appropriate to choose tiles on the wall. It is recommended to choose non-slip tiles.

Because of personal preference, some owners don’t like to put tiles on the balcony and prefer to use latex paint. Is this feasible? After all, everyone knows that the balcony is windy and sun-dried, and the waterproof performance and discoloration resistance of latex paint are very weak. Although it is more decorative, it is not easy to maintain and clean. That is to say, there may be some defects in using latex paint to paint exterior walls.

Latex paint However, by consulting a professional designer, I know a feasible method for brushing latex paint. That is to choose to use exterior wall paint to paint the balcony wall, which has the function of sun protection. Special purpose, use professional exterior wall paint for balcony walls. One of the most important indicators is resistance to ultraviolet radiation, which will not change color even if it is exposed for a long time. The inner wall of the balcony is required to have water resistance and self-washing. The paint film must be hard and smooth, and the dirt will be washed away as soon as it is washed.

Whether to choose to paint or tile the inner wall of the balcony, I think everyone can decide according to their personal preferences. But a small reminder, the price of exterior wall paint is relatively more expensive, and ceramic tiles are more cost-effective.

The editor said: Actually, my personal favorite is the wood-grain outdoor wood deck tiles like the picture above, which looks natural and resistant to stains.

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