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Is it okay to put tiles on the wall?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-01

   Tiles on the living room wall? This is also OK? The answer is yes. The wall tiles in the living room are both beautiful and generous. The key is to take care of them. Nowadays, paint is not blindly chosen in the living room decoration. Now many people choose to tile the living room walls. Is it good to put tiles on the wall? Does it look more three-dimensional? The following editor briefly introduces how to put tiles on the walls of the living room.

  Advantages:   1, beautiful   Some people think the tiled wall is stylish, but some people think it is cold. In fact, if the post is good, the atmosphere and beauty are the key to personal choice. 2. Practical tile on the wall is the most worry-free wall decoration. It can be cleaned when it is hygienic. Placing tiles on the wall can help prevent children from drawing on the white wall. It is good for hygienic and shiny. The color has not faded for many years, and you can feel that the hall is relatively new.  3. Durable   As long as the workmanship is good and does not appear to fall off, the wall tiles are durable; if they are dirty for a long time, they will be wiped clean, and they will be as bright as new.   Disadvantages:   1, resurgence    Rainy or foggy days, water droplets will be reflected on the wall, relatively speaking, the home will be easily damp, and the price cost is slightly higher. However, when the humidity regains, all walls are ruined, and paint and wallpaper are also prone to mold; water can seep in wet days, but in wet days, you can avoid moisture as long as you close the doors and windows and keep the room dry.  2, price  Because of the different construction technology, the cost of wall tiling is more than 10 yuan/㎡ than floor tiles. Wall tiles are more expensive than painting, and more affordable than mid-to-high-end wallpaper.   The relevant information about whether the tiles on the wall are good or not is here for everyone. I hope this article is helpful to you. If you don’t understand anything, you can follow our official website and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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