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Is it better to use ceramic tiles for floor heating?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-18
Is it better to use ceramic tiles for floor heating? 1. Advantages of wooden floor: simple and quick installation, convenient replacement, beautiful appearance, gentle foot feeling, close to nature. Disadvantages: Because of the limitation of wood material, even the floor heating, the heat conduction will be worse than that of ceramic tiles. If used improperly, maintenance is very laborious. 2. The advantages of ceramic tiles: in terms of craftsmanship, the breakthrough of wood grain tiles can be said to be close to nature and changeable in appearance. There is a feeling of not losing to the wooden floor. Disadvantages: The foot feel is not as gentle as the wooden floor, and freshness is the main feeling of the tile. 2. The floor tiles have better thermal conductivity, faster heat dissipation, environmental protection and water resistance, but because the floor tiles are paved with cement, once there is a problem with the water pipe below, it will be troublesome to repair, and the floor tiles must be knocked off before processing. Therefore, if floor tiles are laid, the quality of the geothermal pipe must be guaranteed. The heat dissipation of the floor is relatively poor, but once there is a problem with the water pipe, the maintenance is more convenient, as long as the floor is disassembled. When choosing the floor, it is best to choose the geothermal floor, which is determined according to the particularity of the geothermal heating method: 1. Adapt to the repeated change of cold and heat and facilitate heat conduction. The geothermal floor must first have a small amount of deformation; 2, it must be conducive to heat conduction; 3, moisture-resistant and waterproof.
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