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Introduce the misunderstandings of ceramic tile purchase

by:JIABANG     2021-05-07

   Many domestic consumers believe that the larger the tile, the more fashionable, high-end, powerful, and stylish. In fact, in addition to expensive ceramic tiles with larger specifications, they also bring a lot of inconvenience to handling, design and cutting. The following introduces the misunderstanding of ceramic tile purchase to prevent you from being cheated.     Misunderstanding 1. The bigger the tile, the better. Many domestic consumers believe that the larger the tile, the more fashionable, high-end, powerful and stylish. In fact, in addition to expensive ceramic tiles with larger specifications, they also bring a lot of inconvenience to handling, design and cutting. In Europe, where the modern ceramic industry is very developed, almost all of them are small-sized products, and the demand for bricks over 800 mm is very small.  Misunderstanding 2: The whiter the tiles, the better  The white body requires high raw materials. Many production areas in my country lack raw materials for the production of white bricks. In order to increase the whiteness of the glazed surface, individual manufacturers even add radioactive zirconium materials. It is understood that, in fact, the reserves of red billet materials in my country are very abundant, but under the guidance of the consumption trend of whiter and more high-end brick billets, manufacturers have to abandon the red billet in favor of white.  Misunderstanding 3. The thicker the tiles, the better  Most consumers think that the thicker and stronger the tiles, they look more like stone. In fact, the strength of a tile lies in its crack resistance, not its thickness. At present, the development direction of international building ceramic products is light, thin, strong, durable and individualized. Misunderstanding 4. Guangdong bricks are good, but bricks in other production areas are poor. In fact, after so many years of development and catching up, the equipment and technology of each production area have been similar, and raw materials can also be purchased from all over the country, and each production area basically has production. Good brick condition. The key to making bricks is people, whether you want to make bricks, or whether to make bricks. A low-end brand that sells at a low price in the market will not be able to make high-value good bricks! The quality of bricks cannot be distinguished by production area. There are good and bad bricks in Guangdong, and there are good and bad bricks in other production areas! You can’t generalize, the key is to look at the real thing yourself, just look at the bricks!    Misunderstanding 5, matt bricks are not easy to clean Generally speaking, matt outdoor ceramic tile are relatively bright tiles It is easy to absorb dirt, but it will not penetrate into the glaze. It can be removed with common detergents. In fact, most of the glaze layer on the surface of matt tiles has been specially treated, which is wear-resistant, non-slip, non-sucking and easy to clean.  Misunderstanding 6. No seams are left when laying tiles. In the pursuit of beauty, some consumers like to use the method of leaving small or even no seams when laying tiles. After such paving, due to thermal expansion and contraction, humidity, dryness and other factors, the ceramic tiles may arch or even crack, which will damage the decoration effect. It is necessary to leave the joints during interior decoration. Generally, the brick joints of the wall require 2mm, and the floor The outdoor wood deck tiles gap needs 3-5mm. In particular, many so-called 'seamless bricks' on the market can't actually be laid seamlessly!    Misunderstanding 7. White cement does not leave seams. In the past, people used white cement for interior decoration, whether it is the floor or wall tile gap. Do the jointing. However, after filling the joints with white cement, cracks, discoloration, peeling, and alkali reversion will occur, so professional joint fillers should be used for joint joints. Misunderstanding 8. The calculation of the amount of tiles at the time of purchase is just right. It is recommended to buy more at the time of purchase. Because the tiles are found to be insufficient during the construction, the color difference will occur due to the different furnaces, or the need to wait for the supply of goods will delay the construction period. It is better to buy more tiles when buying tiles. Introduce the misunderstanding of decking tile purchase so that you can avoid being deceived. This is the introduction. In order to attract consumers, popularize consumers’ brand awareness, and facilitate the use of discount promotions and other means, some of the products that have a long time to market, good market response and large inventory are introduced. Products are used for activities. In fact, the quality of these products is also good. Of course, except for the merchant's description of other grades for promotion, if you want to know more about ceramic tile issues, you can click on the tile brand to learn more.

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