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Indoor tile renderings, tile matching skills

by:JIABANG     2021-05-22

What is the strategy for choosing indoor decoration tiles? How to choose indoor decoration tiles? When indoor decoration, we may face various problems, and choosing decoration materials is a big problem to face, because decoration There are many materials to use, and ceramic tiles are a more common type of decoration, but there are many brands of ceramic tiles on the market, with different quality and different prices. So, how do we buy practical tiles?

Light-colored polished tiles, to create a European-style freshness

The light-colored style in the overall room Next, consider choosing off-white ceramic tiles to break the slightly flat feeling of the overall living room. The bright surface refracts the light rays, which can make the interior more interesting, without leaving the entire indoor environment in a dull and single state.

Dark-grained outdoor ceramic tile, low-key luxury home

The low-key luxury in the postmodern style is amazing. It represents fashion, but it is not limited to follow the trend. It symbolizes quality, but it is not limited to high-profile luxury goods. It will let the obscured outdoor ceramic tile deduce their own style and chant the beauty of home.

Antique wooden tiles create a retro style

The mottled surface and natural clear texture make antique wooden tiles more and more popular. The seemingly mottled appearance shows a natural and simple atmosphere everywhere, precipitating the warm and happy time of a family.

Mosaic tiles, decorate delicate homes

If solid-color tiles are gentle and gentle, then design tiles are elegant royal nobles. Different colors are combined into concrete or abstract patterns, and a delicate and luxurious one circulates in the interior.

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