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Indoor tile paving effect picture display

by:JIABANG     2021-05-22

In order to make the interior look more beautiful when decorating, the owners often choose ceramic tiles to pave the walls and floors. However, many owners do not know the specific process of indoor tile paving. If the owners know the process, they can The construction staff will provide certain assistance when laying tiles. Let's introduce the process of indoor tile paving and appreciate the pictures of indoor tile paving effect.

  1. The base layer of tiles must be handled well

   In order to avoid the hollowing of the tiles, first of all, the wall and ground base layer where the tiles are applied must be cleaned. Be sure to remove all kinds of dirt on the wall, and wet the base with water one day in advance to control the humidity at 3070%. If the base layer is a new wall, when the cement mortar is dry to 70%, it should be prepared to lay tiles.

  Second, tile cleaning and soaking treatment

  The tiles need to be cleaned before they are laid. Then soak in clean water until there is no bubbling, which usually takes 2 hours. Then take it out and wait for the surface to dry before paving.

  3. The cement mortar needs to be full and even

   When applying the cement mortar to the back of the tile, pay attention to the cement mortar to be full and even, not cutting corners.

  Four. Exhaust by percussion must be sufficient

When    tile paving, if the thickness of the cement mortar at the bottom is uneven, a basin-like depression appears, and at the same time, no rubber hammer is used Percussion or inadequate air exhaust may cause hollowing of the tiles.

  5. Reserve enough expansion joints

   2-5mm expansion joints should be reserved for tile paving. If there are not enough expansion joints, under the action of thermal shock expansion or moisture expansion, the adjacent tiles may be stressed and squeezed, resulting in the phenomenon of hollow drum falling off.

  Indoor tile paving effect picture one:

  Indoor tile paving effect picture two:

  Indoor tile paving effect picture three:

   When decorating, choose different specifications of floor tiles, prefer different home styles, and have different paving methods, but the difference in paving methods The effect of the final decoration is very different. Different paving methods can reflect different home styles. Consumers can choose the most suitable paving method to obtain satisfactory results while also showing their own personality.

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