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In what ways does a good ceramic tile manufacturer reflect its difference?

by:JIABANG     2021-06-14
China is a big country in the production of ceramics, and ceramics production has a long history and brilliant achievements. In what ways does a good ceramic tile manufacturer show its difference: 1. Why are the products made with different raw materials, the same equipment and the same technology? The answer is that only good materials can make good products with different raw materials. Come. 2. The press is different. The size of the press cannot determine the quality of the bricks made, but with a large-tonnage press, products that a small-tonnage press cannot make can be made. For example, a small-tonnage press cannot make a large brick with a size of 800X1600mm. The press tonnage on the market now ranges from 200-7200 tons, and the tonnage of the press directly determines the density and hardness of the tiles. 3. Different production lines. Good decking tile factories have more advanced, fully automated and modern production lines, while ordinary factories are semi-automated production lines operated manually by workers. The quality of ceramic tiles depends on lean production and control. Only the most advanced production lines can produce the best quality products. A production line with good equipment and a good production line is the guarantee of producing good products. 4. The ball mill is different. The quality of the ball mill, the speed of the ball mill and the time of the ball mill directly affect the density, wear resistance and antifouling ability of the ceramic tile pressing. Good ceramic tile manufacturers use large-tonnage ball mills to ensure that the coarse particles in the raw materials are made finer and more uniform through long-term ball milling of wear-resistant alumina balls, even reaching only 1/3 of the fineness of hair. degree. 5. Iron removal is different. The ceramic tile factory uses high-magnetic electromagnetic rods to absorb iron filings, and the iron content is less than 0.1% to ensure that the green body after firing has no black impurities and the outdoor wood deck tiles body is pure. Ordinary manufacturers use ordinary magnetic rods to remove iron, and the iron content is high, so black spots are prone to appear on the surface of the fired tiles. 6. The staleness is different. After the ceramic tiles are ball milled and sieved to remove iron, it takes a period of staleness to allow the various impurities and chemical components in the raw materials to fully react to meet the production standards. Powerful ceramic tile manufacturers can produce more than 1,000 tons of stale raw materials each time, and can store more than 180 days of inventory. The staleness of raw materials requires a large amount of material and financial resources for the company. In order to save costs and increase the production rate, the average enterprise will greatly shorten the time for staleness. 7. The drying kiln is different. The length of the drying kiln determines the degree of moisture drying of the tiles. For example, the horizontal roller table drying kiln adopted by the good factory can not only meet the drying speed of the green body, but also let the moisture of the brick body be discharged from the inside to the outside, so that the moisture content is lower than 0.5%, and the firing will not deform. The most important thing is that the humanized settings can greatly improve the working conditions of the workshop workers. 8. The firing time is different. The length of the firing time of the decking tile has a great influence on the quality of the ceramic tile. When the time is short, the ceramic tile will not be burnt through. We often see black hearts in the middle of the brick embryo, which is the reason for the failure to burn through. For example, for the same 320-meter-long kiln, the output of a good factory may be only one-third of that of an ordinary factory because the firing time of a good factory is particularly long. 800*800mm vitrified tiles need to be fired for 70 minutes, compared to 40-50 minutes for ordinary factories. The prolongation of the firing time ensures that the brick body is completely porcelain, compact like a porcelain bowl, with high hardness and wear resistance! 9. Different inspections Each brick in the factory is inspected by machine and by manual inspection. Strictly inspect the size, specification and color difference. The national standards are the same, but the internal control standards of each factory are different. Good factory internal control standards are strict, while ordinary factory internal control standards are relatively loose.
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