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In the golden season of decoration, have you chosen the right tiles?

by:JIABANG     2021-05-20
Autumn is the golden season of decoration in many people's hearts. There is neither the heat of summer nor the cold of winter. During the decoration process, ceramic tiles are an indispensable material in home decoration. Faced with a wide variety of ceramic tiles on the market, the quality varies. , How to choose a good decking tile? It makes many consumers who want to buy decking tile a headache. So what are the precautions for autumn decoration?   There are skills in the purchase of ceramic tiles. First, we must clarify the classification of tiles. Only when we understand the types of tiles, can we not be fooled when choosing tiles. Ceramic tiles are divided into two categories, namely outdoor ceramic tile and non-outdoor ceramic tile. are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms, while non-glazed tiles are mainly used in areas such as living rooms. These decoration tips have been remembered, and decoration can save a lot of things. The professional point of view is divided according to the water absorption rate of ceramic tiles. There are five categories: the first category is porcelain tiles (water absorption rate E0.5%). The market mainly includes polished tiles, industrial tiles, glazed matte floor tiles, etc.; The second category is stoneware tiles (0.5% 10%). There are two types of interior wall tiles and glazed high-gloss non-slip floor tiles on the market. In general, the lower the water absorption, the better the quality, the better the decorative effect, and the more comfortable to use.  Choose suitable materials  Kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other areas, the floor tiles are mostly matt non-slip tiles to prevent the soup from making the floor slippery, so the choice of floor tiles is non-slip. At present, the most popular specifications are mainly 100×100, 800×8000, and 600×600. The living room, aisle and outdoor aisle generally choose specifications above 600×600, and the material selection surface is relatively wide, which is mainly determined according to the economic affordability of consumers.  Professionals advise consumers to choose better materials, because tile decoration is different from wood floor decoration. It is very troublesome to re-decorate ceramic tiles. It is best to decorate in place at one time. Don't make big mistakes. Pay attention to brand technology    The design style and color of domestic decking tile brands have been in line with international standards, and the manufacturing process and technology have been very mature. Among the building materials products with national standards higher than European standards, ceramic tiles are one of the few building materials products. Some domestic products are not inferior to well-known foreign brands at all, but the prices are much lower.   For example, the national standard test method for ceramic tiles is to cycle once at a temperature of 150°C and a pressure of 0.5 MPa, while the internal control standard of our domestic well-known brand Nobel tile is to cycle at a temperature of 180°C and a pressure of 1.0 MPa for seven times before it is allowed to leave the factory.   Therefore, these domestic first-line brands are very cost-effective, and consumers who choose domestic brands will not suffer.
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