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Imitation wood tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-24

believe that many friends decorated should wonder a question, some people like to use ceramic tile to decorate in the home, and some people like to decorate with board, both cannot meet at the same time, is very bad, in order to meet the needs of both at the same time, we actually can try imitation wood tile, take a look at what is the distinguishing feature of! ( Wooden tile)

1。 Imitation wood more sturdy wear-resistant ceramic tile

compared to the traditional ceramic tile and wood, because wood is wear-resisting glaze ceramic tile, so at the time of use is more durable, but also because it is through the high temperature burn becomes, so it has very good abrasion resistance, maintenance is simple, if dirty, or wet dishcloth to wipe with wet mop to clean again, it is important to note that the mop or cloth don't wet it too much, a little advantage wet can, and protect against the imitation wood ceramic tile is not afraid of.

2。 Imitation wood ceramic tile is more economical and affordable

compared to the traditional ceramic tile and wood, on price, imitation wood ceramic tile is more affordable, but compared with the wood floor is adornment effect, is a bit less. If home shop paste imitation wood ceramic tile can also showed a strong aesthetic and fashion sense, in many imitation wood tile decoration engineering, there is no lack of high-grade luxury buildings, are widely used in high-grade government building projects, where the wood application can be ceramic tile imitation wood, highlights the imitation wood the luxury of ceramic tile.

3。 Imitation wood decking tile more safety and environmental

on the market in most of the wood floor when installation, must use glue, glue can produce a large number of pungent gas, a lot of wooden floor itself there is formaldehyde, the phenomenon is greatly harmful to our health of body and mind. Imitation wood ceramic tile is very safe, environmental protection, the key is no formaldehyde release, so even stay indoors for a long time there will be no big problem.

this is in this issue of imitation wood related answered some of the advantages of ceramic tile, feel learned a lot of knowledge? If you think this paper has a lot of help welcome to continue to focus on website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( Wooden tile)

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