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Imitation wood floor tile advantages and disadvantages

by:JIABANG     2021-01-25

believes that many people know that the imitation wood floor tile, this is one of the more popular in recent years the ground adornment material, although it is the material of ceramic tile, but with wood grain adornment, give a person a kind of of primitive simplicity natural feeling, it is a high grade ceramic tile products, what are advantages and disadvantages so imitation wood granite floor tiles?

1, imitation wood without having to use ceramic tile adhesive, the formaldehyde release a quantity to low, with functions of wooden floor is not and environmental protection. And, imitation wood ceramic tile can according to the appearance, the love of consumers planning even generic competition for natural grain of real wood floor appearance also. 2, but real wood floor did not copy the production of decking tile manufacturing, also can't change the appearance, though, the environmental protection function of real wood floor is high, but the shortage of raw materials is enough to make the original into a disadvantage. 3, imitation wood floor tile texture vividly, touch your feet, feel is really, like they actually board the same. Wood grain and glaze technology, the same texture and solid wood, decking tile strengths, also has the properties of wooden floor. Imitation wood floor tile wave resistance, dirt resistance, resistance to bug eat by moth, acid-proof, alkali resistance, wear resistance, fire prevention, prevent become warped, prevent deformation, low water absorption, do not change color; And effeminacy solid wood class contrast, simple wear and tear, bibulous will easy to deformation, shrinkage arch up. 4, however, imitation wood granite floor tiles and real and solid mu fu joins a floor board of real wood floor, and there are big different. Imitation wood floor the foot feeling of decking tile do not adhere to wood floor. Imitation wood floor tile decoration effect and no real wood floor is better, the beauty is generous. Imitation wood floor tile advantages and disadvantages of what is introduced here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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