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Imitation wood floor tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-25

if the decking tile is now more popular, so small make up the first thing to say is the imitation wood floor tile, this kind of ceramic tile but from the appearance of words is quite perfect, for like the wood grain is without any resistance, in addition to many of the advantages are obvious, here is a brief introduction of! ( Imitation wood floor tile)

1。 Imitation wood floor tile is more excellent than the resistant index of real wood floor, money imitation of real wood floor wear-resisting revolution can be as high as 6000 to 10000 turn over, say, as long as you don't have to break the ceramic tile, basically is difficult to damage.

2。 Imitation wood floor tile durability is stronger, it will be better than real wood floor impact resistance, prevent burning, prevent aging, withstand used for a long time, not bad, easy to use, but also avoids the common fault of real wood floor, is not be termites chew food.

3。 Imitation wood floor tile stability is good, it won't appear like real wood floor is met will expand, heated in set will be narrowed, and the question of layout is not solid.

4。 Imitation wood floor tile installation simple and save money. Imitation of real wood floor installation method is easy, generally adopted floating type laid method. General 40 to 80 ㎡ area of room installation imitation of real wood floor, one of the workers as long as 6 to 9 hours, real wood floor installation time of about four to six times more than imitation of real wood floor installation, daily cleaning and at the same time can save half the time than real wood floor.

5。 Imitation wood granite floor tiles as well as a variety of decorative pattern and modelling, color also can be customized. This kind of decking tile to consumers more styles to choose, no matter what is the style of the home, in the imitation outdoor wood deck tiles can choose the right to match, whether your home is Europe type style or Mediterranean style, imitation wood grain can be as the satisfaction of material decking tile.

this is imitation wood floor tile several advantages, feel very attractive? If heart remember to go to the store to see, finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( Imitation wood floor tile)

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