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Imitation wood floor tile?

by:JIABANG     2021-01-24

for natural wood materials are all have a sincere love, sometimes even laid decking tile is to choose the products, or want to have the effect of the wood and senses, so now there is a kind of imitation wood floor tile on the market. But the imitation wood floor, ceramic tile imitation wood granite floor tiles is good, to introduce below small make up on.

1, imitation wood floor tiles with people love the appearance of the wooden floor characteristics, but compared with ordinary wood flooring, imitation wood floor tile and safe and durable, such as it has in the ordinary wooden floor does not have waterproof, fireproof, bug eat by moth resistance, abrasion resistance, easy do, does not contain formaldehyde, etc. And the essence of product is close-grained, not easy to deformation, softness, heat conduction performance is good, is better than natural lumber. Imitation wood floor tile design and color is more, many varieties, antique effect and restoring ancient ways, choose room is big, if you want a real benefit, is a good choice, 2, imitation wood floor is to use ceramic materials, ceramic tile ceramic tile also is actually outdoor wood deck tiles imitation wood floor, texture clear, touch your feet, feel is real, just like real wood. Wave resistance, dirt resistance, resistance to bug eat by moth, acid-proof, alkali resistance, wear resistance, fire prevention, prevent become warped, prevent deformation, low water absorption, no discoloration characteristic; This kind of ceramic tile glaze technology and through the wood grain, texture and solid wood, has both advantages of ceramic tile, also has the properties of wooden floor, the top grade of combination. 3, imitation wood floor tiles inherited the wooden floor of natural feeling, again on the internal essence and ceramic tile, use range is very wide, toilet, kitchen and balcony, all can be at ease use, and without fear is worn or dirty. Imitation wood floor tile and a very obvious, is also the characteristics of consumers care about, is the price is low, so also is very very appropriate choice. But imitation wood granite floor tiles is imitation wood, to use the foot feels not truthfully wooden floor, it is to know before the choose and buy. Imitation wood floor tile, please introduce to here, if you still want to learn more knowledge can click to decorate for details.

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