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Identify the stand or fall of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-08-08

as you all know, ceramic tile is very important in the process of decorating advocate material, usually, home of the sitting room, dining-room and kitchen toilet can choose ceramic tile laying on the ground. But a lot of friends reflect the owner, the ceramic tile of his home in use process often appear loose fall off problem, investigate its reason is actually the quality of ceramic tile is bad. So, the stand or fall of ceramic tile how to identify? Below small make up just to tell you about how to identify the quality of ceramic tile.

glossiness of ceramic tile surface

look look. Colour and lustre is uniform, smooth surface, good flatness, peripheral rules, design is complete, take out four or five pieces from a case of ceramic tile to examine any deformation, color, such as lack of Angle and edge defects. color and pattern are rich, good quality outdoor ceramic tile, its color and uniform, the surface is glossy, and poor quality of ceramic tile, the surface is bleak.

water please!

bibulous rate reflects the density of ceramic tile, indirectly, is also reflect the hardness of ceramic tile, but one thing need to note that the ceramic tile is not bibulous rate is lower, the better, oh. The water absorption test, here is for the ceramic tile of interval like sitting room, bedroom, aisle and do the test, to think of it, if the outdoor ceramic tile of these places are sucked into the water, not the whole range in wet state? Well, before, first we pour the water into the pros and cons of ceramic tile, careful observation of water infiltration, if you buy the polishing brick, water immediately sucked into, congratulations you, met the woman of inferior polishing outdoor wood deck tiles.

row of ceramic tile surface with good thing

we can cross the surface of the ceramic tile with good thing, and see whether leave scratches easily. Generally leave glazed tile a mild scratch, bo changes a brick is hard, generally good quality vitrified brick completely leave no trace. However, the general ceramic tile shop boss won't agree to do this test. But you can put the ceramic tile on weigh in hand, under the same specification of ceramic tile, the heavier the more show its density, high hardness.

listen to the voice

listen, we all know, is listening to the sound of the ceramic tile, we tap with good thing that sound is crisp, vitrified degree is high, the better the quality. If the sound dull, the quality is not high, with clear and crisp sound ear after taste. Flatness of

ceramic tile from the side, if flat, high flatness, spread the effect will be better. The most stringent testing methods from the packing box out any four ceramic tile, prevent flat on the ground. See if four brick flat is consistent, whether diagonal place scarf. This is very important, China imported brick and outdoor wood deck tiles on the consistency of the difference lies in the specifications.

is above for details on how to identify the quality of ceramic tile, believe everyone know that after watching the article how to choose good quality outdoor ceramic tile. In short, choose ceramic tile, must be careful, otherwise later there was a problem, repair is not easy to buy the same batch and color of ceramic tile. If you still want to learn more click brand ceramic tile details.

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