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Guanzhu ceramic tile price

by:JIABANG     2021-05-20

   The most distressing thing when decorating is the choice of tiles. Because the choice is too great, many people don’t know which one to choose. After all, the choice of this tile determines your overall decoration effect, and the funding issue is also a big pit. Many people ask the editor. How about this Guanzhu ceramic tile, what is the price, the editor below will give a brief analysis, I hope it can help you! (Crown beads decking tile price)

   1. The first thing to talk about is vitrified tiles, because the frequency of use is relatively large, the applicable range is also quite wide, and its design style Diverse, complete styles, support users to choose and build according to their actual home life needs. Moreover, the overall treatment of vitrified bricks is also good, which reduces a lot of construction problems, and can be freely matched when choosing, and the price is about 100 yuan. This is an average price for reference.

   2. Soft light tiles, crown bead tiles have many classifications, such as soft light tiles are also common choices. The overall design of the soft light tiles is still good, the surface has been professionally treated, the brightness is very good, the color is diverse and the decoration is quite good, and it is deeply favored and liked by users. The treatment of soft light transfer is in place, the overall decoration is classic, and the price is about 60-75 yuan. Relatively speaking, it will be cheaper.

  3. In addition to the above two tiles, there is another tile to be mentioned is marble tiles. Guanzhu’s marble tiles insist on the production and processing of tiles, which guarantees the quality of the tiles. Marble tiles are quite good in terms of material selection and process flow. It is an ideal decking tile choice for modern users. The overall texture of the home has been improved, and its price is about 53-88 yuan.

  4. There is another tile that is this fully-polished axis tile. Guanzhu's operation and development in the ceramic tile industry are quite good. It can actively carry out technical transformation and improvement in actual production and processing. The ceramic tile design is quite good, and the use of stability is guaranteed. It is liked by users. Its price is about 48. -Around 55 yuan.

   This is some related content about the price of Guanzhu ceramic tiles. If you want to know the prices of more ceramic tiles, please visit the official website to compare by yourself. Finally, thank you for watching! See you in the next issue! (Crown beads decking tile price)


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