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Ground floor tile rendering the ceramic tile of different styles

by:JIABANG     2021-01-18

in the house is decorated in, almost are used in the decking tile in ground shop, the selection of ceramic tile to a great extent, affects the home decorate a style. The ceramic tile of different specification, tie-in and different style of decoration, is about to use different ways of the shop is stuck, so the effect of the present is also different. So how do ceramic tile is tie-in decoration? The ceramic tile of each functional space decorate how to choose? Below small make up recommend a few groups for you different styles of ground ceramic tile shop sticks rendering, hope to bring you visual enjoyment at the same time, also can trigger your decorating ideas.

in the modern society, contracted style decorate a welcome and loved by people and contracted style also has a lot of exquisite, on the layout is very exquisite. Contracted style of the decoration for the purpose of contracted and not simple, general integral household give a person the sense capacious, bright, concise, atmospheric. Accordingly, when decorate should choose good surface brightness of polishing outdoor wood deck tiles or all glazed ceramic tiles, had better choose light color department, such as commonly used beige, ivory white, white, etc. Need large area of the shop is stuck, can choose the specification relatively large ceramic tile, make integral more concise. When the shop is stuck to the wall parallel to the way the shop is stuck. Strict alignment and avoid between brick and tile outdoor wood deck tiles seam, at the same time with the ceramic tile color close to tick off seam jointing agent processing, it looks more fresh and clean, do not give a person the sense with messy. This piece of ground ceramic tile shop sticks rendering with rectangular ceramic tile shop shop for horizontal or vertical, can make the ground more tidy planning, make whole space more capacious and bright.

Europe type decorate a style is mostly used in villas, resorts, hotels and other places of large area, reflect a kind of noble, luxurious, elegant, atmospheric feeling. In many domestic general household decorates project, mostly European style, contracted with the combination of European Jane purpose lies in the pursuit of the romance of European style, contracted style is concise and elegant livings texture. Jane European style decoration generally choose rice polishing brick, on the ground of the sitting room and dining-room use brunet parquet waveguide line as an ornament, also can consider to choose some natural stone material, such as marble, granite, microlite, etc. When choosing a ceramic tile not excessive use of archaize brick. Europe type style of the household can choose ceramic tile of different specification and different colors match the shop is stuck, present different effect on the ground. In some key areas, also can choose colour comparative strong ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, give a person strong visual sense. In addition, a lot of the sitting room of Europe type style, when shop sticks ceramic tile, usually on the ground around the surrounding edge of 15 cm, it can foil the atmosphere of the space, reflect Europe type style is exquisite and delicate.

with the speeding up of the pace of modern life pressure and increasing, people more and more yearning rural life, tend to be more natural and comfortable environment, rural style decorate arises at the historic moment. The household of rural style will generally choose small archaize brick, color mostly use warm color attune such as beige, but most of the selection in the waist line the fresh color and texture, such as sky blue, etc. Shop for the household of rural style, is the most common way of the shop is stuck, use small size ceramic tile, simple cross shop will not make the ground too drab. Some choose to sectional or diamond shop law, reveal master individual character. Here, the introduction of small make up will be end. Believe you to the ground granite floor tiles of different style rendering already has his own ideas, to give it a try. If you still want to learn more click brand ceramic tile details.

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