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Ground floor tile process 5 ways to teach you shop sticks ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2021-01-19

home is a small harbor, but it can give us comfort at any time. Decorate in the family in, we always pursue different, best can own label, actually very easy to do this, only need more attentively when ceramic tile is ok, look at the ground granite floor tiles process, teach you a variety of methods to build house beautiful personality!

the first one: the shop is stuck seam like the people of style restoring ancient ways, when using this kind of method of the shop is stuck, can choose the floor tile with antique style. Due to the heat bilges cold shrink, when shop sticks ceramic tile, need to set aside the appropriate aperture, wait until after the dry solid decking tile, can choose the color that oneself like, to fill gaps. Thus bring the full personal style, at the same time, this is a more slippery floor tile, there will be a deep sense of history! The second: the combination of the shop is stuck it is more common in the ground granite floor tiles process method of the shop is stuck, you can use the sizes and color of ceramic tile on the combination of regular, in order to achieve what you want pattern effect. The shop is stuck method can according to different ceramic tile, to distinguish between the function of each space. Corridor or restaurants often use this method, the dirty resistance is better, for the whole family is decorated also brings different features. The third: cross the shop is stuck the shop is stuck method is often used in smaller places, such as toilet, kitchen, or the balcony, etc. Crossover method can increase the visibility of the space on the vision, the best use of the ground. Actually easier to highlight the personal little ground, can choose the ceramic tile with similar color or with a beautiful pattern, elaborate the shop is stuck out belongs to own a piece of heaven and earth! Fourth: dream is the door of the shop is stuck often see other people's house there will be a road paved with ceramic tile, color, shape strange dream path, always be admired, it also belongs to a kind of ground floor tile process. Dream paving method is very simple, can go to the store for some decking tile is processed tail goods, these tail goods can be unified model, also can be of different models. Then cut into shape, they want to mix the shop is stuck, this method is low cost, also can rise the good adornment result! Fifth: neat sewing shop is stuck this method is the simplest and the most basic method of ground ceramic tile shop is stuck, but the most not easy to show the personal style. Life's common sewing shop with two methods, one is horizontal, the other is vertical, two methods can increase the dimensional feeling, from the visual effect is also a kind of commonly used methods of the shop is stuck. The above five kinds of ground ceramic tile shop sticks craft, used properly, can create a unique personal style, hope to have the above method, can help you when decorate, full of beautiful household with characteristics. If you still want to learn more click brand ceramic tile details.

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