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External wall tile prices

by:JIABANG     2021-05-29

   I believe many friends know that the price of tiles is relatively high, especially the price of exterior wall tiles is notoriously expensive in the market, and if you want to buy some more reliable tiles, then If you want to spend a higher price, this edition will take you to understand what the prices of exterior wall tiles are in general! (Exterior wall tile price)

  1. Conca Mallorica exterior wall tile

   This tile is more popular in the exterior wall, and the specifications on the market are 15*15 cm, belong to antique bricks. The price is 1300 yuan per square meter. The craftsmanship comes from traditional Italian technology, and the refining effect is very transparent and the color is very artistic. This kind of design is very creative, beautiful and stable, and the effect is very attractive. It belongs to the high-end exterior wall tiles, but the premise is that you have a sufficient budget.

  2. Eagle brand exterior wall tiles

   Eagle brand exterior wall tiles are mostly polished tiles, the size is 80*80 cm, and the price is 700 yuan per square meter. The color is very bright, and the texture is great, the effect is very elegant, and the effect is best when used in office buildings. The texture is very realistic and the three-dimensional sense is full, which makes people feel that life is so beautiful at a glance, creating a positive atmosphere.

  3.ZS Zeshang exterior wall tiles

   The specifications of this brand’s exterior wall tiles are 20 cm * 40 cm, and the price is 60 yuan per square meter . This exterior wall tile pays great attention to details. It uses the unique three-dimensional texture of natural stone. It feels very delicate to the touch and has a uniform thickness. The effect will be found after sticking to the wall. Moreover, it belongs to bone-like particles, with very good hardness, wear resistance, and strong bearing capacity, even if it is transported or handled, it is not easy to damage.

   The main exterior wall tiles on the market are the ones mentioned above. If you think it’s suitable, I suggest you go to the store to check it out or discuss the price. You should be able to find a cheaper one. The price comes to the decoration, finally thank you for watching! See you in the next issue! (Exterior wall tile price)


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