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Exterior wall ceramic tile of choose and buy guide: exterior wall tile brand

by:JIABANG     2020-10-17
Only with perfect appearance, so people are interested to go sightseeing the structure of the inner, so the choice of exterior wall tiles for the structure of the perfect or not plays a vital role. In that case, the friends when buying exterior wall tiles, ying should choose quality brand. So what are the exterior wall tile brand? What are the skills of choose and buy exterior wall tiles? Along with the below small make up take a look. The Nobel decking tile (wall ceramic tile brand 1, Well-known popular brand influence, inspection-free products) 2, Asia (ceramic tile Chinese famous brand, national inspection-exempted products) 3, zammit tiles ( China's well-known trademarks, inspection-free products) 4, dongpeng ceramic tile ( Chinese famous brand, China famous brand, national inspection-exempted products) 5, Marco Polo tiles ( Chinese famous brand, national inspection-exempted products) 6, champion tiles ( The first brand in the industry of Taiwan, inspection-free products) 7, crown beads ceramic tile ( Chinese famous brand, national inspection-exempted products) 8, Rome, ceramic tile, Well-known best-selling brand, national inspection-exempted products) 9, eagle brand ceramic tile ( Chinese famous brand, national inspection-exempted products) 10, the Mona Lisa ceramic tile ( Chinese famous brand, China famous brand, national inspection-exempted products) Exterior wall tiles what tip 1, according to the ceramic tile of choose and buy material divided into glazed tile and brick tile: glazed tile - — Is made up of two parts of body and glaze to, high-grade porcelain glazed tile, by porcelain clay fire namely, bibulous rate is low to zero. Less than 5%, high strength. The outdoor wood deck tiles wall brick - — Surface glazing, and positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, hence the name. The brick wall brick generally rough surface, adornment effect is ancient sweet patina, elegant chic, pure natural. 2, according to the construction method can be divided into dry hanging brick wall brick and ceramic plate wall brick, brick exterior wall tiles - — Can directly use the shop is stuck to the construction of exterior wall tiles is called the shop is stuck outside wall. Hang dry ceramic board exterior wall tiles - — Need to use dry hanging ceramic plate cladding auxiliary dry hanging brick wall ceramic tile is called tao board exterior wall tiles. 3, according to the planar plane, sand surface, surface water ripple, split tiles surface: flat tile - — surface level off, without any dents or frosted effect of exterior wall tiles. Sandstone surface - — Surface using frosted effect processing, have prevent slippery effect, etc. 4, according to the surface texture is divided into the light face, dumb smooth, grinding surface tile: surface light - — This kind of commonly used the surface of exterior wall tiles glazing processing, make the surface luster bright. Dumb smooth - — Surface USES the special craft processing, make of the surface gloss of the slightly dim between light and frosted surface. Frosted surface - — Surface by sand grinding process, it is slow to tarnish. 5, according to the packing way is divided into sticker wall brick, stickers exterior wall tiles. 6, according to the mode of production is divided into plate kiln wall brick, straight roller kiln wall brick, tunnel kiln wall brick: plate brick kiln walls - — Generally for high-grade exterior wall brick, brick surface roughness is very high, bibulous rate is at zero. 34% ~ 0. 4%, thickness less than 5 mm, can produce all kinds of products, and is energy-saving ultra-thin brick, is very suitable for high-rise buildings, treated with plate kiln brick late won't form, class is high. Divided into 7, according to the forming method and dry extrusion moulding tile: dry pressing molding exterior wall tiles - — Water cohesive force is not strong, but also difficult to paste the water absorption of ceramic tile, and with certain water absorption of exterior wall tiles, construction units are welcome. Edit summary: about exterior wall tile brand is to introduce the relevant information to here, hope this article will be helpful to you. If you still have what not understand place can give below small make up the message oh, we will answer for you as soon as possible.
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