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Explain the selection of building materials for you, and fall into the misunderstanding of ceramic tile purchase and matching

by:JIABANG     2021-07-18
Ceramic tiles usually give people a sense of spaciousness and brightness, and are easy to maintain. They are the most common wall and floor decoration materials. But many people make some formalistic mistakes when buying and matching ceramic tiles, blindly pursuing patterns and colors. I wonder if you have a trick? Misunderstanding 1: The use of bright tiles can enhance indoor lighting. Most homes and office buildings tend to use brighter tiles for decoration, because bright tiles can not only make the room look magnificent, but also make up for the lighting to a certain extent. insufficient. Misunderstanding interpretation: The light reflection coefficient of bright polished tiles and some antique tiles can be as high as 90%, while the light reflection coefficient of general white powder walls is about 70%, and mirror glass is about 80%. If you live in a room with a smooth tile wall for a long time In the environment, light reflection will make the eyes very tired and even reduce the visual function. Therefore, it is not recommended to use too bright tiles for household tiles. Editor’s opinion: matte tiles are the most secure. Many people think that matte tiles are not easy to clean. In fact, this is wrong. Good quality matte tiles are not only very easy to clean, but also their delicate and simple luster can show better. Out of the master's elegant aesthetics. Misunderstanding 2: Blindly match waistline regardless of space. In daily home decoration, waistline bricks are often used to decorate the edge of the wall. It can visually increase or decrease the sense of hierarchy in the space, and reflect the personality, taste and taste of the owner. The fun of life is quite popular with the public. Misunderstanding interpretation: Although it is very individual and beautiful, waistline tiles are not suitable at all times. There are two common situations that are not suitable for paving waistlines: one is that the height of the bathroom is not enough, and the waistline will be installed. The overall space is divided, and the bathroom that is not high appears to be lower; second, the kitchen area is small, or the family using integrated cabinets, the cabinet height and waistline height are about 80-90 cm, the waistline is just Appearing above the countertop of the cabinet, not only does it have no decorative effect but also appears messy. Editor’s opinion: Small-sized houses should be especially careful when selecting waistline bricks. The originally small space is easily divided by waistline bricks. If you like tiles or think the space is too monotonous, you can use a few tiles as appropriate. Embellishment makes the space reveal vitality and romance. Misunderstanding 3: Thick ceramic tiles are better than thin ceramic tiles. Many home improvement products are thicker, the better the quality, so owners often form an inherent idea that thick things are more real. In fact, thick tiles on the market are indeed more popular than thin tiles, and tiles with larger specifications are thicker, while floor tiles of the same specifications are thicker than wall tiles. Misunderstanding interpretation: In view of the issue of tile thickness, China has not yet issued a unified mandatory standard, so there is no so-called thickness is better than thin.' In terms of use value, the greatest value of ceramic tiles is the decorative effect, as long as the bearing capacity and protection The destructive ability is up to the standard. Tiles that are too thick are not environmentally friendly. Editor's opinion: With the development of the decking tile industry, thin ceramic tiles will become a major trend in the future due to their advantages in energy saving, environmental protection, and low production costs. Tiles are thinner, It is very beneficial to the sintering performance. The weight of thin ceramic tiles is reduced, and the load on the wall and the ground after paving is also reduced. Misunderstanding 4: The style and color of the ceramic tile are too mixed. Authoritative surveys show that the owner's concern for purchasing decking tile products is the color , More than 35% of the owners put the design and color as the primary concern. Many people buy the tile picture as a beautiful one, and they cover the floor or wall with the design and color tiles. Misunderstanding interpretation: the style and color of the tiles are too mixed, no matter what Whether this is avant-garde or ethnic style, it is not suitable for an environment used in daily life. It is easy to decorate a home with many patterns and colors as the standard to purchase tiles. In the end, it is easy to decorate a home with many colors and beautiful colors. It's not the same as being suitable, but the discomfort of living is caused by dazzling. Editor's opinion: The most basic and simple paving of plain tiles is a choice that is both beautiful and lazy. However, it is a flaw of plain tiles that should be dirty and difficult to clean. And the cheaper this kind of white ceramic tiles, the more difficult it will be to take care of. It is more appropriate to buy the more expensive ones. In addition, if you really want to use colorful tiles in a large area, then you must pay great attention to the storage of the home to reduce the sense of clutter. The design and pattern of the furniture should be as simple as possible.
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