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Explain how to deal with tile water seepage for you?

by:JIABANG     2021-07-29
Leakage is a very troublesome problem. Moisture and mildew will appear on the wall for a long time. After a long time, it will cause the wall skin to shell and fall off, which is very ugly. However, it is extremely difficult to completely remove the putty. It is often after re-scraping the putty, it will be revived after a short time. Is there a good way to deal with this situation? So, we must first figure out why the tiles are leaking. After all, if you want to cure them, you must find the lesions.” Otherwise, if you are rushed to the doctor, it will only get worse. 1. Why is the tiles leaking? First of all, we should know that the previous Ceramic tiles are not waterproof, and there are also vitrified tiles with very low water absorption on the market. So we say that the tiles are leaking.” This is a false proposition. In the final analysis, the reason why tiles see water is mostly because water seeps into the wall from the joints of the tiles, rather than the tiles themselves. 2. The root cause of tile water seepage is that there is a problem with the waterproof layer. In addition to the bathroom, the phenomenon of wall dampness, shelling, and mildew also occurs in balconies, exterior walls and other places. Most of these places are caused by not waterproofing. of. Water invaded little by little with the cracks in the wall, causing problems. The dampness in the bathroom is also due to the waterproof problem. Everyone will ask: Why does the bathroom leak? Because the waterproofing is not done well. There are several places where problems are likely to occur. We should pay attention to: 1. The internal corners are not well waterproofed; 2. The threshold stone is not well waterproofed; 3. The overall wall is not well waterproofed. Solution: 1. The internal corners are not waterproofed well, mostly because the waterproofing is not reinforced with non-woven fabrics, and the concrete cracks and the waterproofing fails. The bottom 1-2 bricks should be removed, cleaned up and re-waterproofed, and lined with non-woven fabric for reinforcement. Note that the material should not be brushed too thick, otherwise the waterproof layer of the paint will also crack and cause the waterproof layer to fail. 2. You must pay attention to the waterproofing of the threshold stone. The failure of the waterproofing of the threshold stone is mostly reflected in the shelling and falling off of the side wall of the doorway. Remove the threshold stone and a row of tiles on the inner side, and re-use the plugging king to block and brush with waterproof paint. 3. If the entire wall or partial dampness of the wall occurs, it must be caused by the leaking of the wall waterproofing. The problem can be solved by removing the tiles facing the leaking point, and then repairing the waterproof layer again. 4. For the parts where there is no waterproof layer but the wall with tiles is leaking, we can also try to seal the tile joints tightly, and re-fill the joints with products such as beauty joint agent. Of course, we cannot rule out the leakage caused by the bursting of the inner wall water pipe. If the water pipe is leaking, the water pipe must be replaced and waterproofed again.
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