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Empty drum ceramic tile how to handle

by:JIABANG     2020-08-05

a lot of families choose ceramic tile of metope and ground surface as a household act the role of surface materials, not at that time, when the material is unqualified or construction ceramic tile and structure between layers for paste, combining not sturdiness and appear empty drum phenomenon. Empty drum ceramic tile also is divided into local empty drum, bottom empty drum, cement floor and metope empty drum and the wall itself exists between empty drum and other several ways. So, how to do with appear empty drum ceramic tile? Then with small make up to get to know.

off floor tile is divided into two kinds of situations. Is a large area, and another is local falls off, a small scale of different processing methods are also different. buy such as polishing outdoor wood deck tiles after the shop is stuck, a large area of becoming warped since the granite floor tiles or empty drum, you may need to remove the original case become warped area or empty drum ceramic tile, clean up the old cement mortar layer, clean up at the grass-roots level, and to apply the cement mortar. Be careful when cleaning polishing brick, don't get damaged,, if can't pavement should buy a new floor tile.

especially those who want an attention is, toilet brick should besmear again afresh waterproof layer, and 24 hours of close water test, test qualified to apply cement mortar, shop sticks ceramic tile, and should be careful not to destroy the wall of the original water and electricity lines buried in secret.

many owner asked, at home only a few a few ceramic tile problems arise, and what should you do? Mortar is not loose, if the pavement is outdoor ceramic tile only fall off, then you can put ceramic tile on the back of the attached mortar around and scrape, mixed with a little cement into a paste, in the 107 glue evenly coated with a thin layer on the underside of the tile, compaction ceramic tile can be glued down later. Already so simple, but also avoids the mixing cement mortar in the home when the dust settles, indoor environment pollution. Cement mortar layer under the falls off if floor tile, granite floor tiles wall or the ground also occurred at the grass-roots level and loose & other; Take off a layer & throughout; , you can use the shovel clear tools such as cement mortar layer, and to apply cement mortar after shop sticks ceramic tile. Note that if the tile is only partial loss, never hard knocks on the basis of mortar, the original shock loose around the ceramic tile of strong. When buying ceramic tile, might as well prepare a few extra ceramic tile, for later a rainy day. This can save the extra spending when replenishment, also can utmost ground to avoid color difference.

edit summary: how about the empty drum ceramic tile processing is introduced to here, hope to be of help. Want to learn more knowledge, can focus on brand ceramic tile.

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