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Eight recruit to teach you how to choose the ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-09-05

on the market of ceramic tile quality good and bad are intermingled, everyone in the ceramic tile of choose and buy when need to pay attention to details, what choose tips? Small make up today to collect some small ceramic tile of choose and buy of knowledge to share with you, hope to help you.

1, according to the surface of ceramic tile to determine screening

the higher gloss, showed that the ceramic tile sintered density is very good. Good ceramic tile, glazed give a person a kind of crystal bright visual experience, under the direct of the beam can be like a mirror reflecting the lights out, poor ceramic tile, glazed is give a person the feeling of a dark.

2, according to voice to discern the stand or fall of ceramic tile

direct hit the surface of outdoor ceramic tile specialty to good quality ceramic tile because of the high density in itself is the sound of a crisp, lively; The ceramic tile with less density low sound more depressing.

3 resistance, good quality ceramic tile fell

good quality ceramic tile, after even vertical fell to the ground by people, generally do not have any damage, as a result of this is due to the strength of the ceramic tile itself. The ceramic tile with good ceramic tile strength, poor strength is low, a cast will be broken.

4, said good ceramic tile component larger

good ceramic tile density high, weight are heavier, more solid, even thickness, shortcomings and so on edge horn become warped of feet. Poor quality of ceramic tile is relatively light weight.

5, wet tile water absorption test

good ceramic tile by high temperature after the fire, bibulous rate is low, the water on in ceramic tile, won't appear the phenomenon of diffusion, ceramic tile is basically not bibulous. But poor ceramic tile, water fall, there will be obvious water absorption.

6, ceramic tile to accept test

the impending good ceramic tile, who stood on the ceramic tile, if ceramic tile has virtually no damage or cracking, clarify the bearing strength of ceramic tile is very good. The ceramic tile of simple poor disconnect or cracking, can't accept the heavier weight.

7, resistance to corrosion wear test

use pen write to leave a mark on the outdoor wood deck tiles, with general try cloth to wipe, get rid of the dirt, don't leave a mark, clarify the corrosion resistance of ceramic tile is good. With general key force to delimit brick exterior and appearance left no scratches, clarify the wear resistance of outdoor wood deck tiles.

8, pick to select good base

ok is the color of the bottom slab in meters between white and ivory color, if appear base color slants yellow, or black, clarify the product contains impurities, too much is not a good product.

epilogue: look at the article above, the ceramic tile of choose and buy more believe you have must understand, expect to help your ceramic tile of choose and buy.

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