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Effect of ceramic tile

by:JIABANG     2020-12-28

the decking tile of different collocation of different decorate a style to have the effect of having a unique style, so sitting room ceramic tile options? We have to wait and see. ( effect)

polishing brick is in a normal body for a bright surface polishing brick, belongs to the normal body brick. Polishing brick much more than the whole circle brick smooth surface. Polishing brick is hard wear-resisting, suitable for most indoor space besides toilet and kitchen. On the basis of carburizing technology, polishing brick can produce all sorts of copy stone and imitation wood effect. Advantages of high resistance to wear, no color difference, bending strength is strong, prevent slippery. But easy to dirty, not easy to clean, factory need to add coating, building wax to prevent pollution.

archaize brick imported from abroad. They evolved from glazed pottery, is basically a glazed ceramic tile. Due to the color of the flower has a texture similar to the stone decorative surface effect after a long time, so the industry is often referred to as archaize brick. The so-called antique, refers to the style of brick. Advantages: antifouling, good skid resistance, color is rich, style restoring ancient ways is good, good texture design, easy to do all sorts of modelling. But, the surface is not easy to chamfer, edge grinding, etc. , hardness than polishing brick, bibulous rate is higher than that of polishing outdoor wood deck tiles, size small.

glazed pottery is a kind of surface after high temperature and high pressure glaze firing of brick of pottery and porcelain. From embryo and ground brick of pottery and porcelain glaze of two parts. Main body is divided into two kinds of clay and China clay. Fire clay back color to red, fire clay back color is gray. Its advantage is colour is abounded, design, seepage control, easy to clean, and can make full use of the metope of kitchen and toilet. But poor abrasion resistance, crack and seepage phenomenon common back, but it can meet the needs of the family to use.

glass brick is mainly made by a certain percentage of the quartz sand and mud, and then fired at high temperature. They need to polishing and polishing, but they have no polishing. Like a glass mirror surface. Its hardness and glass. Now in the market of glass brick generally refers to glass polishing brick. But easy to dirty, maintenance cost is high, so a good antifouling agent factories usually do before processing.

you after you have read is the sitting room of ceramic tile had certain understanding? Want to know more the information of decking tile, focusing on our website. ( effect)

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